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11 Best Jobs for Young Adults & Teens in 2023 (High Paying)

Are you a young adult searching for the perfect job that doesn’t require a university degree or previous work experience? Look no further, as we’ve compiled a list of the best jobs for you!

From part-time to seasonal jobs, these positions offer flexible working hours and the potential for career development.

Gone are the days when you had to wait for a 4-year degree to earn money. Young adults have plenty of opportunities to work and earn a decent income.

Whether you’re looking for a job to help pay your bills or to save up for your future, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive into the jobs for young adults and find the perfect fit for you!


Are you looking for a flexible part-time job with the potential for career development? Consider becoming a babysitter or nanny. With no standard license required, a Red Cross online babysitting course or first aid course is recommended, and an essential affinity for children, this could be the perfect job for you.

Babysitting is one of the best jobs for young adults looking for a job without a degree. You can start by babysitting for family and friends and then expand your services to other families in your community.

While a high school diploma or equivalent is not required, good communication skills are essential. You’ll need to be able to communicate effectively with children and parents and handle any issues that may arise. On-the-job training is also important since every family and child is different. You may also want to consider getting certified in CPR and first aid, as this will make you more marketable to potential clients.

Babysitting can also lead to job growth and career development. As you gain more experience, you may be able to take on more responsibilities, such as becoming a nanny or even starting your own babysitting business. You can also use your experience as a babysitter to gain skills useful in other jobs, such as time management, problem-solving, and multitasking.

So, if you enjoy spending time with children and are looking for a job with flexibility and potential for growth, consider becoming a babysitter.

Waiting Staff

As a restaurant server, you’ll be able to develop excellent communication and management skills while earning $13 per hour. This job doesn’t require any specific educational requirements, but it can be a great way to gain experience and develop skills that can be useful in any career.

You’ll learn to work well under pressure, multitask, and communicate effectively with customers and coworkers. Although this job may not initially pay well, there are plenty of opportunities to work up to higher-paying positions.

With on-the-job training, you can become a manager and earn a higher salary. Additionally, many restaurants offer good working conditions, flexible hours, and benefits like health insurance and paid time off.

To work as a restaurant server, you’ll need to be friendly, patient, and able to handle stressful situations efficiently. You’ll also need a high school diploma and be willing to learn on the job.

Becoming a restaurant server may be an excellent option if you’re looking for a job with decent pay well and offers plenty of room for advancement.

Dog Walker

If you’re interested in a flexible and rewarding job, you can become a dog walker and earn $15 per hour with no prior experience or education required. Dog walking is one of the top jobs for millennial adults who want to work without a college degree or technical school education. This type of job is perfect for those who love animals and enjoy spending time outdoors.

Becoming a dog walker is a great way to start your career path, especially if you’re unsure what you want to do. It’s among the highest-paying jobs without work experience or a college degree. All you need is a good work ethic, a love of dogs, and a willingness to learn.

You can set your schedule, work with different types of dogs, and build relationships with clients and their pets.

Dog walking is a fun and fulfilling job that can lead to other career opportunities in the animal care industry. Whether looking for a part-time job while in school or a full-time career, becoming a dog walker is a great option.

So, if you’re looking for a job with a reasonable pay rate, requires no experience or education, and allows you to work with animals, then dog walking may be the perfect job for you.


Being a lifeguard is like being a superhero of the pool, always ready to jump in and save the day. It’s one of the highest-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree but a high school diploma and a professional degree in lifeguarding.

It’s a physically demanding job requiring you to stay alert and focused, with strong swimming skills and the ability to handle emergencies. As a lifeguard, you’ll be responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone in the pool.

You’ll need to be able to spot potential hazards and respond quickly in case of an emergency. You’ll also need to be able to communicate clearly and calmly with everyone in the pool, from young children to adults. It’s a job that requires a lot of training and preparation, but it’s also one of the most rewarding careers that don’t need a college degree.

If you’re interested in becoming a lifeguard, many opportunities are available. You can work at community pools, water parks, or private beaches. The job doesn’t require a lot of experience, but it does require a lot of dedication and hard work.

With the proper training and preparation, you can become a lifeguard and help ensure the safety of everyone in the pool.

Newspaper Delivery

Delivering newspapers can be a peaceful early morning job, cruising through quiet neighborhoods on a bicycle and tossing papers onto front lawns. It’s a job that doesn’t require any specific education or certification, making it an excellent option for young adults who are still in school or looking for a flexible part-time job. Plus, it can be a great way to get some exercise and fresh air before starting your day.

While delivering newspapers may not lead to a high-paying career, it can be a great way to earn extra cash and gain valuable skills. For example, you’ll learn how to manage your time effectively and work independently, skills that can be applied to various careers. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with people in your community, which can be a great way to build your network and make connections that could lead to future job opportunities.

Of course, delivering newspapers isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a career that offers more stability and higher earning potential, there are plenty of other options. Some jobs that don’t require a university degree or previous work experience include web developer, electrician, technician, air traffic controller, commercial pilot, real estate agent, dental hygienist, hearing aid specialist, sheet metal worker, administrative assistant, and powerline installer.

With so many options available, there’s sure to be a career path that’s right for you.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is an excellent way to earn a decent income without formal qualifications or prior work experience. It’s a job that allows you to work remotely from the comfort of your home, providing administrative and clerical support to clients.

It’s perfect for those looking for a flexible schedule. Virtual assistants perform various tasks, such as managing emails, scheduling appointments, and preparing reports. They may also be responsible for social media management or bookkeeping.

While some clients may prefer a postsecondary education in a related field, it’s not always necessary. Many virtual assistants learn on the job and develop their skills through experience. Becoming a virtual assistant may be your perfect career choice if you’re organized, tech-savvy, and have excellent communication skills.

The demand for virtual assistants is growing, and there are plenty of opportunities to work with clients worldwide. As a virtual assistant, you can work when and where you want, allowing you to balance your work and personal life.

Kitchen Staff

As you consider seeking employment without a degree or previous work experience, you may want to explore opportunities in the kitchen, as there are often positions available for kitchen staff at various levels.

Some of the greatest jobs for those straight out of high school can be found in the food service industry, with plenty of opportunities for advancement and high-paying salaries. While some positions require education or certification, many kitchen staff positions can be learned on the job, with the potential to earn a certificate from a community college or an associate degree in culinary arts.

Becoming a chef may be the perfect career path for those with a good eye for design and a passion for cooking. With dedication and hard work, you can work your way up the ranks from kitchen staff to sous chef to executive chef, earning a high salary.

Many culinary schools offer associate degrees in culinary arts, but many chefs have also learned on the job and worked their way up through the kitchen ranks.

If becoming a chef is not your ultimate goal, there are still many opportunities in the kitchen for high-paying jobs and career development. From line cooks to prep cooks to dishwashers, many positions are available that require little to no education or previous experience.

And with the potential for advancement and on-the-job training, you can quickly climb the ladder and earn a high salary as a kitchen staff member.


Working as a porter in a restaurant or hotel involves keeping the establishment clean and organized, ensuring a pleasant customer experience. Porters are responsible for maintaining the venue’s appearance by regularly cleaning floors, tables, chairs, and other surfaces. They may also help set up tables for events, assist the kitchen staff, and perform other duties as assigned.

Porter jobs that pay well are typically found in high-end restaurants or hotels. The average hourly wage for a porter is around $16, and some establishments may pay even more. Porters can make good money from high school, making this job an attractive option for young adults who want to earn a decent income immediately.

Moreover, this job may also require some physical labor, which can be a great way to stay active and healthy while earning money. You don’t need formal education or certification to be a porter. However, having a good eye for design and organization is crucial, as porters are responsible for maintaining the overall appearance of the establishment.

People learn on the job, and shadowing experienced porters is usually the way to go. Additionally, some employers may require porters to have some knowledge of cleaning chemicals and equipment.

Supermarket Shelf Filler

You may want to consider becoming a supermarket shelf filler. As a supermarket shelf filler, you’ll ensure the store’s shelves are fully stocked and organized. You’ll need to be able to lift and carry heavy boxes and spend a lot of time on your feet.

The median hourly wage for this job is around $12, but some supermarkets offer higher pay rates for experienced employees. You’ll receive on-the-job training and learn how to perform routine tasks like restocking shelves and rotating products to ensure that the oldest items are sold first.

If you’re looking for a job that offers flexibility and opportunities for advancement, becoming a supermarket shelf filler could be a great option.


If you’re looking for a job that requires no formal education or experience, becoming a barista could be an excellent opportunity to develop your communication and customer service skills while earning around $13 per hour. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, being a barista is one of the top positions for young adults without a four-year degree.

While no formal education is required, some baristas pursue completion of an apprenticeship or community college certificate to enhance their skills and career opportunities.

As a barista, you’ll prepare and serve beverages and interact with customers to ensure their satisfaction. This means you’ll need to possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

You’ll also need to be comfortable working with various equipment, such as espresso machines and grinders, and have a basic understanding of coffee brewing methods.

While being a barista may not be the highest-paying job without a bachelor’s degree, it can provide a solid foundation for future career growth. Many successful entrepreneurs started their careers as baristas, using the skills and experience they gained to move up the ladder.

So if you’re looking for a job that offers flexible hours and potential for growth, becoming a barista could be a great choice. All you need is a high school diploma, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn.

Delivery service driver

Delivery service driver is one of the best jobs listed for young people that doesn’t require a degree and doesn’t require experience. The duties include delivering packages and overseeing the delivery process, as well as installing and maintaining equipment. The job requires a high school diploma, and some employers may also need experience in the field.

This job requires a high level of organization and attention to detail but does not require a postsecondary education. Depending on where you work, the scope of the position may vary. Some delivery jobs may require additional training or certification, while others offer on-the-job training.


Congratulations on exploring the best jobs for young adults that don’t require a university degree or previous work experience! Considering part-time and seasonal employment with flexible working hours, you’re on the right track toward building a successful career.

One example of a young adult who found a fulfilling job without a degree is Jenna. She started working as a dog walker during her gap year and soon realized how much she loved spending time with pets. She invested in training and certifications and ran a successful dog-walking and pet-sitting business. Jenna’s story is a metaphor for how a small step in the right direction can lead to more significant opportunities and fulfilling work.

Remember, each job on this list has requirements and skills, so take the time to research and find the perfect fit for you. You can build a successful career path without a university degree with determination and hard work.

Good luck!