Accountant Finance Resume Example

The Accountant Resume Example is targeted for job positions as Forensic Accountant and Financial Analyst.  However, the document is a good reference for most financial positions and job targets.

In this resume, the writer did not include a summary or headline statement. The job seeker will target the most recent job position of Forensic Accountant. Generally it is best to include a summary, but sometimes acceptable if your job target is precise. Employers will also identify your job target when you’ve held your most recent job for many years.

The experience section is formatted with the company name, dates and job titles. This information is in a bold font to ensure the job position is highlighted. The paragraph outlines duties and responsibilities for each position.

The bullet points emphasize specific achievements related to investigations in accounting and finance. The candidate also includes successful cases that lead to warrants and convictions.

The writer used a secondary section labeled Additional Employment History. The purpose of this section is to de-emphasize previous jobs that are loosely related to the job target. Details are reduced, and the older job history are simply listed. The bottom of the page lists the job seeker’s Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Key computer skills are listed at the end.

accountant resume example sample

Accountant Resume Example

Accountant Resume Example Statements

  • MBA and CPA with B. S. degree in Accounting with over 20 hours of additional training in accountancy.
  • Expert in financial analysis, taxation and accounting controls.
  • Compiles financial information to prepare entries to accounts, such as general ledgers, journals and other business transactions.
  • Oversee period closing, report maintenance, account reconciliations and adjustments.
  • Analyze margins and research discrepancies from expected values.
  • Create balance sheets and profit / loss statements.
  • Audit records communicate with employees to ensure proper recording of transactions.
  • Discover and correct errors or inconsistencies in financial documents and reports.
  • Highly capable of diagnosing financial statements, finding problems and leading projects to produce streamlined solutions.
  • Prepare departmental budgets and forecasts, ensuring that each division attains goals.
  • Manage accounting processes for fixed assets and cost of goods sold.
  • Prepare tax schedules and work with teams to complete supporting spreadsheets.
  • Maintain compliance with applicable laws, regulations and best practices.