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Accounting professionals should follow standard resume writing guidelines that would include a reverse chronological resume with a summary, experience and education.  High level accountants or managers may want to look at executive style resumes.

For professionals in the accounting field, resumes should be one page with a focus on the most recent experience.   You can use an areas of expertise section if you are a specialist such as a Cost, Budget or Tax Accountant.  The same principle can be used for auditors.  Also, use a title to put a focus on any specialization.

A short paragraph style introduction summary should explain your career and your primary expertise.  The important part of your experience will be the achievements.  Companies hiring accountants want to see proven success in saving money, analyzing financials, performing audits and ensuring compliance.

Education and training should be listed at the bottom with the exceptions of individuals that have their CPA designation. Since this is a major requirement, it should be at the top as part of your name or title.  It would also be appropriate to mention an MBA in the title or summary.

Account Resume Examples

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