Resume Font Wars – Serif versus Sans-Serif

serif san

Resume Font Wars – Is their really a standard font? or do you have a choice. You might not realize that some fonts are easier to read than others, which can be helpful. But most of all, when formatting your resume, it’s probably best to pick one of the universal fonts with the best readability.

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Resume Verbs – Synonyms to Spice Up Your Resume

resume verbs

There are few things more boring than a resume that repeatedly uses the same exact resume verbs in sentence after sentence. Total snorefest! To engage your readers, you must spice up your resume by highlighting strong action resume verbs that bring your background to life. While not every synonym will be the perfect fit to…

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3 Ways to Make Sure Your Resume Gets Noticed

resume gets noticed

I recently saw a movie where the job seeker printed her résumé out on pink paper and sprayed perfume on it. (OK, it was Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde – I admit it.) While this technique will certainly get you noticed by hiring managers, I don’t recommend it for the senior level corporate professional. So…

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Creating a Resume for Mothers Returning to the Workforce

mothers returning work

I am often contacted by people (oftentimes mothers) who took an extended absence from the workforce to raise children. Those children get older and more self-sufficient; the stay at home moms decide they would like to return to the workplace. Oftentimes these women had good careers, working as attorneys, project managers, analysts, and technology professionals,…

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The Differences: Junior vs. Senior Level Resumes

junior senior resumes

Of course there are (and should be) differences between a senior level resume and someone who is just entering the job market or early in their career. Certainly it would look a bit strange for a senior leader or executive to reference education at the top of their resume. It would also look odd for…

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Smart Answers to Stupid Interview Questions

Smart answers

I got a lot of good feedback on my previous postings on bad interview questions so I decided to add another one.  So, for your reading and interview pleasure here are some more that you could possibly encounter: Question: If you were stranded on a deserted island, and could only bring one thing with you,…

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