Banking Financial Resume Example

Example resume for banking and financial professional seeking job positions in private banking and commercial lending. The document serves as a good reference for general positions in financial securities and lending.

The resume uses a heading in capital letters that emphasizes this job seekers expertise in private banking, commercial lending and management. The summary focuses on achievements which is an excellent way to draw attention to past success.

This job seeker specifically outlined their accomplishments as a top producer by increasing revenues, profits and developing new business. At the end of the summary, they document the important NASD licenses.

The job experience comes next which is written in reverse chronological order and includes the company name with both job titles and dates separated. The paragraph describes the duties and responsibilities. The bullet points highlight results. Notice how this individual underscores their achievements that include generating revenue and new sales. This writer does an excellent job of quantifying results in terms of millions of dollars of increased revenues.

The resume concludes with a basic education and professional development section to document the MBA and BA in Finance. Seminars are listed to demonstrate their willingness to continue developing their skills.

Banking Resume Example

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Banking Resume Sample

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Banking Resume Statements

  • Work with customers to open new checking or savings accounts
  • Prepare money orders, bank checks, direct deposit and electronic payments.
  • Help customers fill out loan applications and serve as liaison between clients and loan officers.
  • Collaborate with loan / credit department to review and analyze credit worthiness and credit reports.
  • Set up credit and debit card services and lines of credit for small business.
  • Go over negative transactions, assess fees, claim bad debts and close delinquent accounts.
  • Serve in bank budget committee to plan and executive annual budgets.
  • Coordinate wit financial services staff to set up investment accounts.
  • Enter transaction data in proprietary banking systems.
  • Assist customers with online banking, statement questions and general customer service.