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The first step in finding a job is building a resume. Once this task is complete, the next step is finding job. Our professional resume writers and career consultants have contributed with some great career and job search advice found in the list below.

The blog articles below are separated into 3 different sections.

The first section of articles provide guidance on the job search process. With your resume complete, its time to find companies and job positions so you can use the document to apply for a new job. The list of articles below tackle issues such as finding jobs, being unemployed and career fairs.

The second section covers job interviews. When you submit your resume and schedule your job interview, the next step is close the deal and land the job. These articles go over popular topics such as selling yourself, interview etiquette, dress attire and answering common interview questions.

The last section includes career advice. In most cases, professionals will focus on career advancement. Even if you make your way to the top, you want to stay there. These articles cover material related to career planning, personal brands, working at home and career change.

Career & Job Search Advice

Career and Job Search articles were written by professional career consultants and resume writers.