Clinical Dietitian Resume Example

This resume was created for a client that had served as a Clinical Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and Research Assistant.

The job seeker didn’t feel their employment history was utilizing their knowledge base to its full potential. For this reason, the job seeker bounced around a little bit between jobs in search of a long-term career position. The writer didn’t want employers to focus on that part and instead be drawn to skills and qualifications.

To accomplish this, the dietitian resume began with an introductory paragraph and a Core Competencies section. These sections truly highlighted the impressive qualities that she offers to an employer.

Next, employment history was thoroughly explained with the more impactful bullet points written in bold. Following a mention of volunteer political experience, the resume concluded with an Education, Certifications and Credentials section.

Since education included exceptional GPAs, these were included to truly demonstrate intelligence, work ethic and potential. Any GPA over 3.5/4.0 is worth consideration to include based on how recent it is and how relevant it is to a position of interest.

Clinical Dietitian Resume Example

Clinical Dietitian Resume Example

Clinical Dietitian Summary Statements

  • Highly effective dietitian and nutritionist with 10 years of experience working in various aspects of the health field.
  • Offering an array of skills in clinical research, data analysis, nutrition education, counseling, clinical lactation support, project development and management, employee supervision, team building and cultural competence.
  • Proven ability to provide the proper care and support for high-risk patients.
  • Track record of success resolving issues using a logical approach in dynamic environments.

Clinical Dietitian Resume Example Statements

  • Plan, implement and evaluate nutrition lessons for first and second grade students.
  • Teach lessons that include Introduction to Food Labels, Choosing “Close to Nature” Foods and Reducing Sugar Intake.
  • Research ways to expand lessons to increase rigor and relevance for older students.
  • Provided nutrition education to WIC participants, including counseling on basic nutrition to improve health, cooking skills, chronic disease prevention and nutrition risk conditions of pregnant and postpartum women, infants and children.
  • Treated high-risk clients who required specialized services from a Registered Dietitian or Lactation Educator.
  • Assessed, counseled and monitored participants with high-risk for breastfeeding complications.
  • Coordinated, implemented and evaluated breastfeeding education and support services.
  • Supervised, trained, mentored, evaluated and provided guidance for the Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program.
  • Managed inventory and issuance of all breastfeeding supplies offered through the WIC program.
  • Developed and reviewed educational materials and reports for staff and participants.
  • Prepared lesson plans and coordinated the teaching of infant feeding classes.
  • Offered ongoing lactation support training to WIC staff via in-service presentations and hands on activities.
  • Created community outreach activities aimed at increasing public support for breastfeeding and the WIC program.
  • Consulted with physicians and public health professionals regarding WIC Program services.
  • Planned and implemented weekly nutrition lessons for elementary and middle school students on healthy eating habits.
  • Facilitated a Health Fair program on hypertension and diabetes for church goers in Oak City, NC.
  • Educated WIC clients on nutrition assessment through counseling as well as determined WIC eligibility based on policies.
  • Issued breast pumps and provided client resources for specific breastfeeding problems.