Enhancing Your Personal Brand

enhance personal brand

This is the age of the careerist in which we must anticipate and fully understand our employers and customers’ needs. In fact, the most successful careerists are those that consider their employer a customer.

If you are not growing and evolving to fill those needs, you are not relevant.  How do we stay relevant?  We do so by developing our skills, evolving and enhancing our personal brand.  Is brand enhancement a part of your new year’s resolution?  Repeat the cycle below to continuously evolve and enhance your personal brand.

1.)  Gain understanding of your industry, your market, and your customers

This is achieved through research and relationships.  If you know how industry changes affect how business will be done in future months and years, you can anticipate the potential needs of your customers and employers.  Keep your ear to the ground so you are ahead of the game. Networking and ongoing research is an excellent way to stay informed.

2.) Prepare yourself for tomorrow.  

The first issue that may come to your mind is technology.  True, you need to stay on top of technology in virtually every occupation. However, one of the biggest game-changers in business is the ever-expanding legislation that makes regulatory compliance a key competency in every industry. Look at how Sarbanes-Oxley and Homeland Security policies impacted business. Beyond that are new innovations leading to entirely new product categories. On a micro-level, your company may be moving into a foreign market so learning a new language may be the skill you need for tomorrow. Transform yourself into “the” resource and the person your employer can’t do without!

3.) Establish yourself as an expert

Earn a graduate degree and professional certifications.  Seek experiences within your career that reinforce the skills that are critical to your personal brand.  As an expert, develop workshops and courses to train others.  Take a position as an adjunct professor or lecturer at a local college to teach subjects relevant to your expertise. Deliver speeches at local business organizations and professional networking groups.

Challenge yourself to evolve and enhance your personal brand!