Environmental Director Resume Example

Executive Resume Sample for professional with experience as Director of Nutrition and Environmental Services. Any professional seeking a high level position in green energy or agriculture may also find this useful.

This resume uses a unique summary section with a headline that identifies the job seeker as an expert in Strategic Marketing and Sales.. The bullet points to the left identify key areas of strength such as budgets, customer relations, training, consulting, vendor management and contract negotiation.

The bullet points underneath the headline highlight important aspects of their experience in sales, relationship development and strategic planning.

The professional experience section lists the company and employment dates with the title in bold. Each job position within the same company shows the separate dates in those positions. The paragraph outlines of the scope of responsibilities. The bullet points with bold statements emphasize accomplishments. It is important in a sales and marketing resume to quantify results and you can see in one of the bullet points in the most recent job that this job seeker grew nutrition and environmental services revenue by 29%.

The writer only provides details on the most recent job positions. The older positions are listed with company, job title and dates. Education and professional credentials are formally presented at the bottom of the second page.

Environmental Executive Resume Example

Environmental Executive Resume Example – Page 1

Environmental Executive Resume Sample

Environmental Executive Resume Example – Page 2

Environmental Executive Resume Writing

The environmental executive lands in the specialty category where they can follow tips, advice and examples in the executive and management section. And while revenue generation and cost savings are certain accomplishments worth noting, the environmental executive should focus on their impact.

Many of these positions with be for non-profits so standard big business achievements won’t be eye catching. Try to focus on your ability to lead large projects that improved some aspect of the environment. If you reduce emissions from gas powered cars then make sure you put this at the top of the resume. If you saved rain forests by starting a replanting process, then make this the focus of your accomplishments. Put these types of achievements at the top and make sure to include them in your cover letter.

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