Facilities Manager Resume Example

This facilities manager resume was created for a client with solid experience in construction management that was hoping to continue advancing in the industry.

It was decided to use a two-page resume due to his extensive history and impressive accomplishments throughout his career. We didn’t want to shortchange what the job seeker has achieved and not fully sell potential and ability.

For this reason, a detailed introduction was provided before leading into a Summary of Qualifications. These two sections combine to paint an accurate portrayal of how much this client offers to prospective employers.

Next, Professional Experience was broken down in great detail, with the most impactful bullet points written in bold. That helps them to stand out and grab the attention of the reader.

To complete the resume, we listed all certifications and notable accomplishments from the client’s past. This serves as one more snapshot of the unique abilities of the client.

Facilities Manager Resume Example

Facilities Manager Resume Example – Page 1

Facilities Management Resume

Facilities Manager Resume Example – Page 2

Summary for Facilities Manager

  • Highly effective Construction Project Manager with over 13 years of experience specializing in retail, residential, commercial and QSR construction.
  • Offering an array of skills in ground up construction, remodels, franchise and corporate projects, implementing continual improvements, logical problem solving, identifying and resolving potential roadblocks, building collaborative relationships, progress monitoring and scheduling.
  • Dedicated, timeline-driven employee with a proven ability to successfully manage simultaneous multi-million dollar projects.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in saving company millions of dollars as well as time spent by optimizing project efficiency and resource maintenance.

Facilities Manager Resume Experience Statements

  • Implemented numerous tools for site survey, budgeting, bidding and project tracking.
  • Decreased the average construction time frame from nine weeks to four weeks for remodels and from ten weeks to six weeks for new store construction.
  • Provided much needed guidance to all parties involved, from my direct reports to franchisee owners, as well as incorporated consolidation points to store job site materials prior to the start of construction to avoid delays.
  • Reduced construction costs and timelines for over 100 franchisee owners via cost saving methods such as utilizing a network of highly qualified general contractors/architects and ensuring timely question resolution.
  • Managed 163 successful construction projects in two years and remain the only project manager trusted to oversee both franchise and corporate store projects.
  • Oversaw  store project, becoming first in the development to receive an approved temporary permit to occupy the space which allowed the store to be open for the grand opening.
  • Directed the construction of franchise location on the famous Chicago street in a record time of eight weeks while remaining under $1.2M budget.
  • Cut lost sales by 35% due to less time in a temporary location and significantly reduced general contract costs by an average of $7K-$8K by streamlining time on project.
  • Inspired my team to explore obtaining project management certifications to further their career and give them more tools to do their job successfully.
  • Promoted from Retail Construction Project Manager to North America Retail Facilities Manager to North America Construction and Facilities Manager.
  • Ensured 450 successful openings of brick and mortar stores in the United States and Canada.
  • Designed and rolled out a product storage solution to increase product capacity in the back of house.
  • Created and submitted detailed reports to the board of directors on the capital expenditure budget necessary to complete all 2014 new store construction projects and provided quarterly updates regarding YTD spend.
  • Developed remodel roll-out program with XYZ Design and Construction consisting of 23 stores in the U.S. and Canada, remaining under $1.2M budget and maintaining on-time openings.
  • Started the facilities maintenance program for the retail stores in the U.S. and Canada in three months by implementing the use of Service Channel.
  • Handled all FM requests and sent out the appropriate trade through utilizing subs in the local area.