Financial Manager Resume Example

Financial Manager Resume Example for finance executive with experience in treasury management and financial analysis. The document serves as a good resource for high level financial professionals.

The resume uses the headline of Senior Finance Executive with sub heading for Treasury and Finance Management, Investment management and Strategic Decision Making.

The job seeker underscores the honor of being the distinguished winner of the Municipal Finance Officers Association’s Budget Award for 5 years.

Below the heading the writer uses an executive style summary to outline their career experience. The bullet point table below provides a quick reference to their skills sets such as cash management, budget forecasting, financial analysis, revenue cycle management and financial markets.

This manager resume shows professional experience section that provides a listing of the organization, city, state and dates employed. The italics statement below the job headings explain the scope and size of the organizations. Below job titles, the writer describes the responsibilities at each position. The bullet points emphasize achievements and quantified results in terms of millions of dollars saved.

Education, including an MBA, is listed below along with professional development, professional associations and technical proficiency.

Financial Manager Resume Example

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Financial Manager Resume Sample

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Financial Manager Resume Statements

  • Manage accounting and financial operations with oversight for financial reporting, account records and accounting controls.
  • Oversee execution of accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation and independent audits.
  • Ensure financial statements comply with internal policy and external regulations (GAAP) while adhering to contractual obligations.
  • Analyze financial statements, conduct cost/benefit analysis and identify areas of weakness.
  • Report directly to Chief Financial Officer and Board of Directors to present financial analysis results and develop strategic financial plans.
  • Develop and monitor financial department policies and procedures.
  • Direct all corporate departmental purchasing functions including strategic planning, project deployment and auditing.
  • Manage senior level projects related to finance, budgeting, account management, benefits and grant administration.

Financial Manager Resume Writing

Are you a finance manager looking to create an impactful resume that will catch the attention of potential employers? Look no further! In today’s competitive job market, a well-crafted resume can make all the difference in securing your desired position.

A finance manager plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial health and success of organizations, making it essential to highlight your expertise in managing money, making sound financial decisions, and maximizing profits while minimizing costs.

This article will provide valuable insights and tips on what should be included in a resume, how to write it effectively, and the critical skills and competencies that will set you apart from other candidates. You can stand out and secure your dream job in this challenging field by showcasing your achievements and ability to optimize financial operations.

So let’s dive in and create a winning resume in 2023!

What Do Finance Managers Do?

As a finance manager, you’re responsible for the financial health of an organization. You develop strategies to maximize profits, minimize costs, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations. You play a crucial part in creating and implementing the company’s financial plan.

This includes analyzing complex financial data, preparing accurate and timely financial statements, and providing insightful financial analysis to support informed decision-making. Your expertise in managing cash flow and overseeing financial reporting is essential in maintaining the organization’s financial stability.

One of your primary responsibilities is to oversee the company’s financial operations. This includes managing cash flow, handling accounts payable and receivable, and developing and maintaining internal controls. You’re also responsible for preparing financial statements and reports, ensuring their accuracy and compliance with relevant regulations. Your strong analytical skills are vital in interpreting financial data and identifying cost-saving opportunities.

By analyzing and interpreting financial data, you can provide valuable insights to senior management, helping them make informed decisions to drive the company’s growth.

Your work experience will be a crucial factor in showcasing your abilities. Highlighting your achievements in cost reduction, revenue growth, and strategic financial decision-making is critical to demonstrating your ability to optimize financial operations. Additionally, emphasizing your hard and soft skills and competencies in financial modeling, forecasting, and compliance will further strengthen your finance manager resume.

By tailoring your professional resume to the job and company, you can effectively showcase your expertise and stand out as a strong candidate.

What Should Be Included in a Financial Manager Resume?

Key responsibilities in a finance management role often involve budgeting, monitoring financial performance, preparing financial statements, and developing economic models – all of which contribute to the success of an organization’s financial strategy.

When creating a finance manager resume, it’s important to highlight these critical responsibilities in the experience section. Include specific examples and achievements demonstrating your budgeting and financial performance monitoring expertise. Showcase your ability to manage financial operations and drive company growth effectively.

Additionally, emphasize your leadership skills and highlight any relevant certifications or training in financial management. A degree in finance or a related field is also a valuable asset to include in your resume.

In addition to highlighting your experience and skills, a finance manager’s resume should include other important sections. These can include a resume headline or title that grabs attention and highlights your key strengths and achievements. You can also have a resume summary or objective that provides a brief overview of your qualifications and goals.

Other sections that can be added to a finance manager resume include certifications or training, awards, and projects demonstrating your financial management expertise and success.

You must emphasize your experience in budgeting, financial performance monitoring, financial statement preparation, and financial modeling. Highlight your expertise in financial operations and your ability to drive company growth. Showcase your leadership skills and include any relevant certifications or training.

Incorporate these elements into your resume to create a compelling document showcasing your professional finance qualifications.

How to Effectively Write a Financial Manager Resume?

Crafting an impressive finance management CV is all about showcasing your skills and achievements in a way that stands out to potential employers. Using a resume template or format that highlights your expertise in financial forecasting, analysis, and decision-making is crucial.

Start by including a clear and concise job title that immediately grabs the hiring manager’s attention. This can be followed by a resume summary or objective that highlights your key strengths and achievements in the finance industry. Use specific examples to demonstrate your ability to drive company growth.

In the work experience section, emphasize your accomplishments in cost reduction, revenue growth, and strategic financial decision-making. Mention your experience in managing cash flow, implementing internal controls, and improving financial processes. Highlight your expertise in forecasting and compliance. Include specific details about the financial performance monitoring, financial statement preparation, and financial modeling you’ve done in previous roles.

To make your finance manager resume even more impressive, showcase your skills and competencies in financial analysis, strategic planning, leadership, and technical expertise. Tailor your resume to the job and company you’re applying to use keywords from the job description.

Additionally, consider adding sections for certifications or training, awards, and projects that demonstrate your commitment to professional development and your ability to deliver results in the finance industry. By following these tips and utilizing a resume builder or template, you can create a finance manager resume that effectively highlights your qualifications and stands out to potential employers.

Common Key Skills for Finance Managers

One of the most relevant skills for finance managers is the ability to analyze and interpret financial data. This includes analyzing financial statements and reports, identifying trends and patterns, and making strategic decisions based on this information.

Finance managers should also have solid financial forecasting skills, as they’re responsible for predicting future economic outcomes and making recommendations based on these forecasts.

In addition to financial analysis and forecasting, they should possess solid strategic planning skills. This includes the ability to develop and implement financial strategies that align with the overall goals and objectives of the organization. Finance managers should be able to think critically and strategically and make decisions to maximize profits and minimize costs.

It’s important to highlight the essential skills that finance managers should possess. These skills include financial analysis, forecasting, strategic planning, and analyzing and interpreting financial data. By showcasing these skills in your resume, you’ll demonstrate to potential employers that you have the necessary expertise to excel in a finance manager role.

Joint Action Verbs for Finance Managers

Use action verbs to make your experience come alive on your resume. When describing your role as a finance manager, be sure to use strong action verbs that convey your accomplishments and responsibilities.

For example, you could use ‘analyzed financial data’ to highlight your ability to interpret and make informed decisions based on complex financial information.

Additionally, you might mention that you’ve ‘developed and implemented financial policies and procedures’ to demonstrate your expertise in creating and enforcing financial controls.

Furthermore, you could mention that you’ve ‘managed a team of finance professionals to showcase your leadership skills and ability to oversee and coordinate financial operations.

Using action verbs will help you showcase your years of experience in financial management and highlight your success in managing financial operations.

When writing about your finance manager experience, mention your educational background.

For example, you could state that you have a bachelor’s degree in finance, demonstrating your formal training and knowledge in the field. This will add credibility to your resume and show you have the qualifications for a finance manager position.

Additionally, you could mention any certifications or specialized training you’ve completed, such as Certified Financial Manager (CFM) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), to further enhance your credentials and stand out from other candidates.

Using action verbs highlighting your achievements and responsibilities is essential when crafting your finance manager resume. Be sure to incorporate keywords such as ‘analyze financial data,’ ‘bachelor’s degree in finance,’ ‘developing and implementing financial,’ ‘experienced finance manager,’ ‘implemented financial policies and procedures,’ and ‘years of experience in financial.’ Using these action verbs and incorporating relevant keywords make your experience more impactful and increase your chances of securing the desired position.


In conclusion, crafting the perfect resume is essential for standing out in a competitive job market. By effectively highlighting their expertise in managing money and making sound financial decisions, finance managers can showcase their ability to drive profitability and minimize organizational costs.

Including key responsibilities, necessary skills, and additional sections that enhance the resume can further strengthen their candidacy. Remember, a well-crafted resume can intrigue hiring managers and create a sense of anticipation for what the candidate can bring to the table.

So, take the time to carefully craft your resume, leaving the reader eager to learn more about your financial prowess and potential impact.

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