High School Teacher Resume Example

Resume for Physical Education High School Teacher with experience teaching elementary school children. The resume can be uses as a reference for most teaching positions levels K-12.

The resume begins with a job title statement of Student-Focused Physical Education Teacher. This lets the reader know the specific job target. The title is followed by a headline statement that identifies their dedication in the teaching field.

To further drive home their qualifications, this resume includes a quote from the Principal that was a former supervisor. The professional profile summarizes the experience of this individual. The profile highlights their dedication to improving student grades and creating an atmosphere for growth while encouraging socialization. The writer then documents the education and training which is critical for the teaching position.

The body of the resume is written in functional resume format to allow the job seeker to focus on key areas: curriculum development, educational assessment, student/parent relationships and classroom presentation. Functional resumes are common and often ideal for teachers as most positions have similar duties and responsibilities where a reverse chronological format may become too redundant.

In the functional format the job experience is written as a list of work history with school names, titles and dates. Additional certifications and community service is listed below. Often these sections are optional on a resume but for this individual it is important to list their experience as a football coach as this is relevant to the job target.

High School Teacher Resume Example

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P.E. High School Teacher Resume Example

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High School Teacher Resume Statements

  • Take on efforts to ensure improved health and athletics for all students.
  • Create instructional material, guides and lesson plans for all sports and activities conducted during class.
  • Teach additional classes up to 50% of the day with experience in English and History.
  • Perform as team member of educational advisory group focused on improving academics through new innovative learning tools.
  • Serve as coach and assistant for football, basketball, volleyball and track.
  • Create and sustain a level of discipline for each individual with an emphasis on teaching respect, loyalty and sportsmanship.
  • Ensure classes run smoothly and students have time to perform activities, shower and dress in time for next class.
  • Prepare students for Presidential Physical Fitness Test and other athletic metrics.
  • Encourage top athletes to participate in organized sports and clubs.
  • Communicate effectively with students, teachers, families and school board.

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