Information Systems Manager Resume Example

The summary for this resume showcases the candidate’s network engineering, project management, and product support experience. Bullet points are included under her summary to emphasize her additional achievements.

There is a “Core Competencies” section that specifies the programs the candidate is most experienced in.  These keywords will assist with ranking high in applicant tracking systems and brand marketing.

The professional experience is outlined next, starting with her current role.  Each position provides a statement below the job title describing specific duties and responsibilities.

Accomplishments and contributions are then listed with bullet points after each statement.

The resume closes by listing the candidate’s education level, which shows an Associate’s of Science degree from a Community College.

Information Systems Manager Resume Example

Information Systems Manager Resume Example

Information Systems Manager Summary

  • Results-driven professional well-versed in MS Enterprise Systems, network engineering, project management, and product support.
  • Strategic leader with an organized approach and talent for building long-lasting relationships.
  • Proficient in recovery planning, project mapping, and training with the ability to problem-solve and conduct critical analysis.
  • Committed to providing high-level solutions that drive business and provide outstanding cost efficiency.

Information Systems Manager Experience Statements

  • Reduced overall costs by deploying virtualization in entire organization.
  • Lead transition from completely non-managed network to complete HP Procurve system, with multiple Vlans across multiple venues. Several are connected via long distance point to point wireless using Ubiquiti products.
  • Designed and implemented overhaul upgrade and refresh of servers, wired, and wireless networks for the Lake Placid Olympic Center.
  • Manage transition to a new Mitel phone system and direct daily assignments and process workflows.
  • Monitor projects through assessment of resource usage and task management to ensure that costs are kept low.
  • Install Catskill Thunder Gondola and new skier bridge resulting in solutions for company.
  • Reduce year-round staff Increasing revenue and maximizing team performance throughout departments.
  • Create and implement new signage scheme for complete aspect of ski area.
  • Develop solutions by reviewing network policies and infrastructure to evaluate sub-optimal areas.
  • Managed daily operations, including electrical, vehicle maintenance, client relations, and IT.
  • Served as key corporate representative, liaising with multiple departments in support of operational excellence.
  • Troubleshooted and resolved internet connectivity and general software and hardware issues.