Life Insurance Executive Resume Example

The resume begins with a headline statement in italics that identifies the job seeker’s 25 years of executive experience. This sample can be used for finance and insurance executive positions.

The summary includes an executive profile with statements that provide information about the recent role of this professional. The professional documents their history as President, Vice President and National Marketing Director.

A bullet point list of qualifications documents expertise in distribution growth, marketing, operations, product development, account management and mentoring.

The candidate then lists their work history in reverse chronological order. The experience section follows and uses paragraphs to describe the job seeker’s role, responsibilities and initiatives. The bullet points identify key aspects of their career success. The writer uses a brief summary to document early career experience, which doesn’t need to be written in detail. This life insurance resume has an education section that includes the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration along with industry certification such as the Series 7.

Life Insurance Resume Example

Life Insurance Resume Example – Page 1

Life Insurance Resume Sample

Life Insurance Resume Example – Page 2

Life Insurance Resume Writing

This is a unique example of a resume format that isn’t used very often. However, its a good document for marketing the skills of a 25 year insurance veteran. The summary explains the career with quick highlights. Then the best achievements are on page one, but brief enough to get the reader to continue reading.

This writer utilizes an executive performance overview section to highlight success in creating incentive program, identifying new distribution channels and leveraging existing business to increase revenue.

The work history is listed on page. Alternatively, this information could go below the experience, but in this case, the chronology displays a smooth advanced of the career, which is impressive. If you happen to have a choppy career or some gaps in employment, this format may not be ideal.

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