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If you are in a management position your resume will be generally formatted similar to an executive position. The level of management you have achieved and the volume of your experience will determine the level detail that goes into the resume.

The management resume won’t include as much detail as the executive often times still staying to one page, although many resumes will still go to two pages.

Most management resumes will use a strong combination of power verbs to document responsibilities and achievements. Common management verbs include: Led, Managed, Oversaw, Controlled, Coordinated, Championed, Delivered, Took on, Negotiated, Mentored, Planned and Trained.

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Manager and Management Resume Examples

Management Resume Tips and Advice

Like executives, management professionals should never use an objective, but use the block paragraph summary with 4-8 statements that highlight key skills and expertise. You can also provide job titles at the top of the resume, such as “Finance Manager ” which is another way of to target a job without writing an objective.

If your most recent job position is the longest and most impressive than it should include the most information. As a manager it is important to include the size of the company and number of people you managed. Explain who you report to such as a senior manager, vice president or C-level executive. You may also want to include the dollar value of departmental budget or project.

Each job should have accomplishments. It is ideal to format them in bullet point under a paragraph that explains your responsibilities. You must include the action or event and the end result. Think about things you did in the position and how it affected the company. Saving money, cutting costs, reducing time, improving staff productivity, increasing sales, increasing profit margins. Make sure to use specific numbers if available ($1 million in cost savings, 50% increase in productivity).

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