Math Teacher Resume Example

Below you will find a resume for a math teacher with experience teaching high school mathematics. The job seeker uses a job title heading to make it very clear that they are a High school Math Teacher. Below the title, the writer uses a effective technique of putting a famous quote beneath the title that represents this teacher’s general philosophy.

The summary then brings it all together by providing statements that give an overview of this math teacher’s experience. The summary highlights 20 years of teaching experience with ability to explain complicated mathematical concepts.

The job seeker also states their experience creating strategies, providing individualized support and developing rapport. This teacher also identifies that they are fluent in Spanish with some ability to speak and write French. The summary is followed by an areas of expertise section that provides a quick glance at their overall skill set.

Education and Credentials are listed so the reader will understand that this teacher has the required certifications along with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

The teaching experience is listed next in a reverse chronological order, which lists the most recent position first. The paragraphs included statements that define their duties and responsibilities at each position. The writer use bullet points to identify accomplishments. For example, this teacher implemented a program for students who were not ready to advance. The program was successful for 100% of students.

The bottom of the resume includes professional development that demonstrates that the job seeker is active in improving their skills. Technology integration lists important software applications.

Math Teacher Resume Example

Math Teacher Resume Example

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Math Teacher Resume Statements

  • Instruct students on mathematics in classroom setting, internet or video conference.
  • Prepare instructional support material, instructional media and supplementary material.
  • Develop tests, quizzes and homework in print with availability for download on the web.
  • Collaborate with principal and colleagues with deployment of district mathematics initiatives
  • Evaluate students, assign grades, add grades to school databases and document in completions.
  • Provide extra time and study programs for one on one teaching for students with slower learning curves.
  • Create a learning environment that is suitable for cultural diversity.
  • Adhere to policy, procedures and guidelines of the school.
  • Ensures that classroom instruction commences on time each day.

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