Oil Field Consultant Resume Example

Here you see a resume for a professional in the oil services industry experience.  This job seeker has previous job titles that include Rig Manager and Oil Field Consultant.

The summary uses a headline statement that identifies the job target. Below the job title, the writer lists the specialization, which is drilling vertical, directional and horizontal oil wells.

The resume uses a summary paragraph that emphasizes professional skills such as quality control, safety, compliance, training, client management and team building. Specific experience includes oil field supervision, preventative management, production planning, production schedule and process re-engineering.

The resume outlines demonstrated achievement with quantifiable results such as reductions in accidents, increased customer base and improvements in production levels.  You can see in the 2nd bullet point how the writer emphasized the reduction in lost time accidents by 25%.  The bold lettering and numbers stand out which ensures the readers don’t just glance over these important details.

The job seeker  doesn’t have a formal education, but documents multiple certifications that are required to handle safety and environmental issues.

Oil Field Consultant Resume Example

Oil Field Consultant Resume Example

Oil Field Consultant Resume Statements

  • Over 10 years of experience in the oil industry including consulting and high level management.
  • Expertise in process improvement in oil production environment.
  • Leader and mentor, capable of hiring, training and building a strong team of high performance engineers.
  • Highly skilled in oil production planning, process re-engineering, operational scheduling and quality management.
  • Ensured that all work maintains the standards of EPA regulatory compliance and OSHA safety.
  • Excellent communicator, with history of building and management strong relationships with clients.
  • Extensive experience in oil drilling, rig maintenance and oil field services.
  • Strong understanding of oil geology with track record of success with oil and gas exploration.
  • Track record of evaluating oil rigs, recommending change and delivering increased production.
  • Designed and implemented preventative maintenance program that extended the life of oil rigs and related equipment.

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