Principal Attorney Resume Example

This page includes a resume for an Attorney with job experience service as Private Practice Lawyer and Lead Counsel in jury trials. This is good general reference for anyone targeting an attorney position.

In this attorney resume the job seeker begins with a profile which includes information about licensing, certifications and specializations.

The experience section uses a functional resume format focused on their functional experience as a trial attorney, personal injury law, expert witness and management.

The education section documents the Juris Doctor degree and Bachelor of Arts degree. Rather than listing information about each job position, this job seeker lists the important legal cases. Affiliations and presentations are listed below.

The formal work history is then listed but since responsibilities are similar in each position the functional format is more appropriate.

Principal Attorney Resume Example

Principal Attorney Resume Example – Page 1

Principal Lawyer Attorney Resume Example

Principal Attorney Resume Example – Page 2

Principal Attorney Resume Statements

  • Extensive experience counseling corporate management in the planning and execution of company legal affairs to ensure protection of legal rights.
  • Proven ability to present legal arguments clearly, concisely and logically in written and oral form.
  • Represent company in legal disputes, creating strategies to bring cases to an ideal resolution.
  • Diagnose case issues and formulates defense strategy for arbitration or court cases.
  • Analyze legal principles and precedents to outstanding problems. Ensure compliance with company programs, employee policies and HIPAA regulations.
  • Develop and implement strategies, policies and programs to mitigate legal exposure for the company.
  • Provide legal opinion in response to review of reports, corporate forms, inquiries and court orders.
  • Develop early resolutions when feasible and communicate results to correct departments.
  • Negotiate contracts, settlements and redemptions.
  • Draft, distribute and maintain forms, customer documents and vendor agreements.