Public Relations Resume Example

The Public Relations Resume Example is for a professional with a decade of experience in the communications and legislative field.

To date, the job seeker had some experience in public relations but mostly worked in legislative jobs. This client was open to jobs in either field, but preferred public relations. That made it challenging for the writer since this was not the majority of his experience.

In order to address both fields while focusing more on public relations, the introductory paragraph and Summary of Qualifications used a majority of experiences and terms that were relevant to public relations. The hope was that the employer would read this first and immediately be intrigued.

Impressive accomplishments and recognitions were written in bold throughout the resume to demonstrate how successful this client has been in previous roles. The Education section then showcases the fact that the client does have an Advanced Degree in Public Relations. Finally, Technical Skills are highlighted to complete the resume.

Public Relations Resume Example

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Public Relations Resume Sample

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Summary for Public Relations

  • Highly effective Public Relations and Legislative Specialist with over 10 years of experience.
  • Offering an array of skills in advocacy support, building positive relationships, legal research, drafting reports, progress monitoring, budgeting, initiating change, interpersonal skills and training employees.
  • Proven ability to design and develop simultaneous outreach programs and initiatives to raise funds through utilization of public relations expertise within the media and local communities.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of legal policies that allows for successful lobbying on behalf of critical bills at all levels. Track record of success delivering desired results in fast-paced, dynamic environments with impending deadlines.

Professional Example Statements

  • Served as the big data competence lead responsible for $2M business, staff hiring, growth and go-to-market strategy.
  • Monitored, tracked and advocated on roughly 90 bills during legislative session.
  • Contributed to the passing of 26 bills in the 2016 legislative session beneficial to local business interests.
  • Testified on bills before committee hearings at the State legislature.
  • Fostered and maintained positive relationships with local, state and federal elected officials and staff.
  • Identified, scaled and maintained stakeholder coalition of business leaders to support business interests at the State Capitol.
  • Managed multiple projects on parallel deadlines.
  • Drafted press releases, letters of support/concern sent to legislators, legislative summaries and policy reports.
  • Conceptualized, coordinated and managed Chamber events such as quarterly economic update luncheons, the annual meet your elected officials breakfast and bi-weekly public policy breakfasts.
  • Created social media content related to public policy and legislative issues shared via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and LinkedIn.
  • Increased the agency budget through appropriations process to pay for policing along the border in 2013-2015.
  • Spoke to 100,000 constituents in three years in Community Relations Division as well as created and managed Facebook/Twitter accounts for the Community Relations & Communications Division.
  • Prepared and submitted accurate and comprehensive legislative policy analysis reports for the AG and AGO department heads along with updates regarding the annual budget process.
  • Delivered seminars and educational presentations to lawyers, doctors, federal and state government officials, Native American Tribal Councils and elected officials.
  • Acted successfully as project manager for multiple public affairs campaigns with competing deadlines.
  • Generated and delivered public relations materials to the community on behalf of the AGO.
  • Wrote scripts and created multimedia materials for public safety seminars.
  • Created a radio public service campaign for the AGO substance abuse prevention program for six months reaching over 1 million people.