Quality Manager Resume Example

The resume for a Quality Manager begins with a paragraph describing Jackson’s proven track record of success and background in his field.

The next section titled “Summary of Skills” features statements that summarize his specific skills and experience.

His professional experience follows, starting with his current role as a Quality Assurance Manager.

Each position description contains a summary of his duties and bullet points listing his significant achievements.

The various jobs held by our candidate continue on to the second page of the resume, noting his former positions as a Quality Control Specialist and an I.T. Specialist.

Quality Manager Resume Example

Quality Manager Resume – Page 1

IT Quality Manager Resume Example

Quality Manager Resume – Page 2

Quality Manager Summary

  • Demonstrated to be an effective leader with a broad range of knowledge in planning, data analysis, policy management, computer hardware/software and network troubleshooting.
  • Proven ability to issue clear and direct guidance to employees in both written and verbal format based on objectives to be achieved.
  • Able to operate and adapt in stressful environments under adverse conditions.
  • Experienced in making critical decisions in absence of senior management.
  • Five plus years of combined Operational, Computer Hardware/Software, and Technical support in field service.
  • Experienced in Programming with outstanding communication and presentation skills.
  • Adept at understanding most aspects of IT network security, programming, software and hardware.
  • Proficient and knowledgeable in Microsoft Office Excel, Word, and Power Point.
  • Strong Analytical, Negotiation and time management skills.
  • Bilingual with Korean/English.

Quality Manager Experience Statements

  • Lead for the Quality Control Department. Primary advisor to the General Manager/Senior Quality Manager; contained and prevented any defective products to occur or to be shipped out.
  • Supporting the production department in continual final product performance evaluation, ensuring Customer Quality Assurance.
  • Primary function to deal with suppliers.
  • Manages Quality Control Specialist staff with continual training in house and external.
  • Develop and manage plant processes and protocols as required in ISO 9001 (QMS) and ISO 14001 (Environmental).
  • Process improvement and employee development training. Performing risk assessments and analyses, supplier performance, and assigns risk ratings to quality systems and key processes.
  • Analyze and contain product and material data. Creating new, more efficient methods of managing data and management systems.
  • Presented/informed data to the Quality Manager while reporting any issues that occur in the department.
  • Key support to the production manager regarding non-conformed products.
  • Created automated methods/processes which decreased our time spent analyzing, managing and inputting data by half.
  • Analyses input and out of in-house inventory software system, ERP and MRP.
  • Help design machinery with our engineering team for more efficient production and countermeasures for corrective/preventive actions.