Real Estate Agent Resume Example

On this page, we have a resume Example for a real estate agent with job experience in real estate sales. This can also be a good resource for a realtor or appraiser.

A brief summary is used to outline the job seekers career experience. A few short statements can be more effective than a long, complex summary.

The document then goes into their experience to emphasize knowledge such as real estate sales, escrow management, lender relations and mortgage evaluation.

The shorter summary allows more room for details in the experience section.

Education includes Bachelor of Art in Business Administration. The writer uses additional skills to highlight related software in real estate. Important licenses are listed at the bottom.

Real Estate Agent Resume Example

Real Estate Agent Resume Example

Professional Summary and Introduction Statement

summary introduction objective real estate agent
Accomplished Real Estate Sales Agent with proven sales track record. Able to generate own business through aggressive prospecting and networking. Successful in closing business, working with owners and building management, and developing long term relationships with clients.

Real Estate Agent Resume Statements in Experience Section

experience statements for real estate agent

  • Coordinate appointments to show homes to prospective buyers.
  • Confer with escrow companies, lenders, home inspectors, and pest control operators to ensure that terms and conditions of purchase agreements are met before closing dates.
  • Compare a property with similar properties that have recently sold to determine its competitive market price.
  • Contact property owners and advertise services to solicit property sales listings.
  • Act as an intermediary in negotiations between buyers and sellers, generally representing one or the other.
  • Evaluate mortgage options to help clients obtain financing at the best prevailing rates and terms.
  • Interview clients to determine what kinds of properties they are seeking.
  • Review property listings, trade journals, and relevant literature, and attend conventions, seminars, and staff and association meetings to remain knowledgeable about real estate markets.
  • Advise clients on market conditions, prices, mortgages, legal requirements and related matters.
  • Generate lists of properties that are compatible with buyers’ needs and financial resources.
  • Promote sales of properties through advertisements, open houses, and participation in multiple listing services.
  • Arrange meetings between buyers and sellers when details of transactions need to be negotiated.
  • Coordinate property closings, overseeing signing of documents and disbursement of funds.
  • Prepare documents such as representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, deeds and leases.
  • Display commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential properties to clients and explain their features.
  • Arrange for title searches to determine whether clients have clear property titles.
  • Accompany buyers during visits to and inspections of property, advising them on the suitability and value of the homes they are visiting.

Education and Additional Skills Section

real estate agent education skills

The candidate displays the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration for Kaplan University.   The licensure in the State of New York is also documented.  Additional Skills Include:

  • Data base reporting software — Internet based MLS database software, National Association of Realtors Online Database;
  • Graphics or photo imaging software — ClipEze software, Easypano Tourweaver
  • Customer relationship management CRM software — Agent Business Builder
  • Data mining software — eGrabber ListGrabber

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