Real Estate Attorney Resume Example

Below you will find a resume for a professional with job experience as a Real Estate Attorney. The property and estate laywer resume example is suitable for someone that owns their own legal practice or works in property management law.

The headline area of the document is written inside of box with a gray background in an attempt to make this area stand out. The main purposes is to introduce the job seeker as a Real Estate Attorney with emphasis.

The subheadings of general practice, contract negotiation, estate planning, arbitration and depositions help to provide more details of their expertise. The headline area is followed by an executive style summary paragraph that outlines their 10 years of experience.

The summary is followed by a Highlights of Employment section. The company, job title and dates are included with a paragraph that describes their scope of responsibility. The bullet points included statements that represent key areas of emphasis.

Education is listed below to document the Juris Doctorate Degree as associations such as the state Bar. Language expertise in Russian and English is also noted.

Real Estate Attorney Resume Example

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Real Estate Attorney Resume Statements

  • Review and analyze leases for potential issues, recommending amendments when necessary.
  • Negotiate lease values and terms with potential customers.
  • Represent company in court cases, litigation or arbitration for contested leases or eviction cases.
  • Handle all legal matters, documentation and litigation related to property foreclosure and bankruptcy.
  • Oversee legal matters that pertain to construction of new buildings including acquisitions, zoning, leasing, condemnations and property title.
  • Provide counseling advice on acquisition of businesses, franchise contracts and enforcement / compliance actions.
  • Resolve all property encroachment and development issues.