resume objective examples

Resume Objectives Examples

It is not uncommon for resumes to include an objective statement at the top of the document.   The purposes of the resume objective is to provide the reader with a very brief idea of the job position you are seeking.

In general, the first text in the resume after the heading is known as the introductory or summary section.  Many years ago, almost all resumes used objectives in the summary.

These days, its is commonly believed to be more effective to write a headline statement followed by a brief summary. The headline statement is different then the objective.   In a headline system, the job seeker is explaining what they can do for a company rather than taking of the approach of explaining what they want from a company.

That doesn’t mean that resume objectives are bad or useless.  There is still a place for resume objectives.   They can be useful for entry level professionals that don’t have enough direct experience to write  a full summary.  They can also be effective for people that are making a career change. Otherwise, the reader could be confused when you are applying for a job where you do not have direct experience in the field or industry.

To get a better idea of how to write an objective, here is a list of some of the professional resume examples. The resume objective examples were written by professional resume writers.

Resume Objective Examples by Professional Writers

Strategies for Using the Resume Objective Statement

An effective strategy is to modify the resume objective statement for each type of job position.  For example, a recent graduate has some experience as a cashier.  However, they are hoping to find a job in either sales or marketing.    This individual could use two different objectives for each of those positions.

Recent college graduate with B.S. in Business Marketing that is looking for an entry level position as a sales representative.

Recent college graduate with B.S. in Business Marketing this looking for an entry level position as a marketing analyst.

resume objective example for sales

Resume Objective Sales

resume objective example for marketing

Resume Objective Marketing

This is a very basic example, but if you are applying for a wide variety of jobs it is more effective to adjust your objective or summary for each position when it’s feasible and you have the opportunity. to make the changes.


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