Resume Verbs - Action Words & Power Verbs

Strong action verbs can help drive home your previous success and career achievements. They are important to help you start statements that explain your responsibilities and accomplishments.

Most people don't realize that resumes aren't written in perfect English. The statements are sentence fragments that generally begin with a verb.

These statements make up the paragraphs that are written under the job headings in the experience section. Sentences in the bullet points of accomplishments are also written using this structure.  Instead of saying "I helped" or "I produced" the pronoun is taken out and the action verb starts the sentence.

Sometimes we see resumes use words like "handled" when describing an action.  Usually you can use a stronger more compelling verb.   However, it is often difficult to think of good verbs. Sometimes, you can get stuck using the same verb such as multiple times when it is better to mix up statements with other similar verbs.

Below you will find a list of verbs and their synonym (verbs with a similar meaning).  It is also helpful to have an online thesaurus opened in a window, which can help you build more vibrant statements.

Resume Power Verbs A through H

A Synonyms D Synonyms
abated decline, decrease, lessen dealt traded, marketed, sold
abbreviated concise, condensed, summarized debated argued, discussed, disputed
abolished ended, eradicated, terminated debugged corrected, fixed, cured
abridged compressed, condensed, compact decided determined, resolved, settled
absolved cleared, excused, exonerated decoded decipher, fathom, solve
absorbed consumed, engrossed, fascinated decreased abate, decline, ebb
accelerated fast, rapid, swift dedicated apply, assign, commit
accentuated heightened, highlight, stress defined decide, explain, specify
accommodated adapt, aid, support delegated charge, elect, invest
accomplished achieve, attain, realize delineated border, define, edge
accounted for available, at hand, near delivered distribute, remit, transfer
accrued accumulate, amass, build up demonstrated determine, establish, indicate
accumulated accrued, amass, collect deployed arrange, display, position
achieved accomplished, concluded, done derived conclude, deduct, judge
acquired attained, earned, received described communicate, explain, Specify
acted mock, pretended, simulate designated entitle, label, name
adapted accommodate, conform, tailor designed construct, devise, invent
adopted accept, endorse, foster detailed allocate, commission, designate
added augment, summated, supplement detected discover, encounter, uncover
addressed discourse, lecture, remark determined decide, regulate, terminate
adjusted altered, diversified, revised developed advance, promote, thrive
administered execute, manage, oversee devised arrange, construct, improvise
advanced continue, further, promote diagnosed determine, interpret, identify
advertised amplify, notify, publicize differentiated contrast, demarcate, separate
advised apprise, enlighten, inform diffused disburse, mitigate, temper
advocated advance, bolster, encourage directed govern, lead, manage
affirmed approved, assured, confirmed disbursed distribute, expend, outlay
aided alleviate, benefit, subsidize discovered detect, identify, reveal
alerted caution, notify, signaled discussed confer, converse, review
aligned commensurate, level, parallel dispatched forward, remit, transmit
allayed abate, assuage, relieve dispensed allot, distribute, portion
alleviated ease, improve, mitigate displayed arrange, demonstrate, showcase
allocated allot, budget, designate disposed actuate, induce, regulate
allotted appoint, budget, mete disproved belie, confute, rebut
altered adjust, convert, revised dissected dismember, part, sever
amassed compile, collect, gather disseminated circulate, disperse, publish
amended enhance, improve, modify dissolved decline, disband, terminate
analyzed consider, examine, interpret distinguished collate, label, judge
answered comment, reply, remark distributed administer, bestow, prorate
anticipated assume, expect, deduce diversified alter, expand, variegate
appeased conciliate, contend, subdue diverted deflect, modify, veer
applied correlated, exercised, related divested deprive, remove, seize
appointed assign, delegate, determine divided detach, segment, unbind
appraised assess, evaluate, inspect documented certify, record, script
approached advance, offer, propose doubled binary, dual, paired
appropriated appoint, devote, disperse drafted compose, devise, formulate
approved commend, praise, sanction dramatized amplify, exaggerate, overdo
arbitrated mediate, negotiate, settle drew up compose, prepare
aroused animate, enliven, provoke drove compel, induce, urge
arranged classify, organize E
articulated express, state, told earned acquire, collect, obtain
ascertained confirm, determine, verify eased assist, expedite, mollify
aspired aim, strive, yearn economized conserve, manage, save
assembled accumulate, convene, unite edited alter, compile, prepare
assessed estimate, evaluate, judge educated coach, Develop, teach
assigned apportion, delegate, designate effected cause, Complete, enforce
assimilated accommodate, incorporate, standardize elaborated devise, Develop, enhance
assisted abet, collaborate, facilitate elected appoint, cull, select
assured ensured, insured, guaranteed elevated dredge, erect, hoist
attained acquire, obtain, procure elicited cause, evoke, obtain
attended appear, frequent, visit eliminated cancel, discharge, eradicate
audited examine, review, verify embraced clasp, enfold, seize
augmented amplify, compound, supplement emphasized assert, headline, prioritize
authored created, penned, wrote empowered accredit, enable, vest
authorized accredit, enable, entitle enabled approve, commission, permit
automated computerized, mechanized, programmed encouraged buoy, fortify, incite
averted advance, broach, propose ended cease, dissolve, terminate
avoided abstain, desist, evade enforced compel, dictate, evoke
awarded bestow, confer, grant engaged appoint, enlist, retain
B engineered arrange, devise, manage
balanced  collate, offset, stabilize enhanced amplify, embellish, upgrade
began activate, commence, initiate enlisted draft, enroll, hire
benchmarked commence, leveled, targeted enriched cultivate, endow, supplement
benefited advance, further, promote enrolled accept, engage, register
bid propose, tender, venture ensured certify, Establish, warrant
billed debit, invoice, reckon entered access, arrive, probe
blended combine, compound, integrate entertained captivate, inspire, regale
blocked intercept, prevent, stonewall enticed beguile, lure, tempt
bolstered maintain, reinforce, support equipped endow, prepare, supply
boosted amplify, augment, elevate established create, decree, enact
bought acquire, purchase, procure estimated assess, budget, gauge
branded establish, identify, designate evaluated appraise, classify, value
bridged bind, link, unite examined audit, consider, research
broadened link, increase, supplement exceeded eclipse, excel, surpass
brought effectuate, convey, import executed achieve, enact, render
budgeted allocate, calculated, computed exercised apply, employ, utilize
built calculated, construct, engineer exhibited display, feature, proclaim
C expanded amplify, broaden, increase
calculated appraise, consider, enumerate expedited facilitate, promote, urge
calibrated adjust, attune, regulate experienced confront, encounter, endure
capitalized attune, use, utilize experimented examine, explore, speculate
captured caught, contained, detained explained clarify, decipher, interpret
cared for aid, provide for, support explored examine, probe, survey
carried channel, convey, sustain expressed exert, state, testify
carved form, hew, shape extended amplify, increase, widen
categorized hew, group, sort extracted derive, glean, wrest
catalogued arrange, class, index F
caught apprehend, capture, seize fabricated assemble, compose, create
cautioned advise, alert, forewarn facilitated aid, further, promote
cemented combine, merge, seal factored allow for, consider,
certified approved, authenticate, authorize familiarized condition, enlighten, inform
chaired judge, mediate, preside fashioned create, devise, mold
challenged dispute, investigate, question fielded deflect, handle, return
championed investigate, defend, uphold filed finish, level, refine
changed adjust, modify, transform filled furnish, inflate, pervade
charged impugn, indict, reproach finalized complete, conclude, decide
charted arrange, graph, plot financed capitalize, endow, promote
checked compare, inspect, verify fine tuned adapt, conform, hone
chose accept, elect, select finished alter, modify, complete
chronicled enter, narrate, report fixed implant, stabilize
circulated broadcast, distribute, issue focused convene, rivet, spotlight
circumvented avoid, elude, prevent followed ensue, displace, pursue
cited indicate, quote, reference forecasted anticipate, conclude, infer
clarified define, illuminate, simplify forged duplicate, invent, produce
classified categorize, sort, group formalized invent, denote, entitle
cleaned clarify, expunge, sanitize formed Arrange, compose, develop
cleared absolve, clarify, cleanse formulated compose, contrive, invent
closed end, seal, shut fortified brace, consolidate, reinforce
coached advise, encourage, support forwarded advance, expedite, promote
coded arrange, classify, organize fostered cultivate, further, support
collaborated corporate, concur, conspire fought challenge, dispute, strive
collated found detect, observe, pinpoint
collected arrange, find, gather founded begin, induce, start
combined add, mix, integrate framed assemble, forge, produce
commanded fulfilled achieve, complete, perfect
commended acclaim, exalt, praise functioned as act, operate, perform
commenced exalt, innate, start funded endow, finance, support
commissioned appoint, command, enlist furnished appoint, equip, purvey
communicated talk, speak, verbalize furthered assist, Contribute, patronize
compared analyze, contrast, consider G
compiled assemble, amass, gather gained acquire, consummate, procure
complemented acclaim, laud,recommend garnered accumulate, collect, reap
completed end, finish, stop gathered amass, group, unite
composed author, create, design gauged appraise, count, quantify
compounded blend, combine, mix gave cede, endow, supply
computed estimate, sum, tally generated cause, develop, produce
conceived accept, believe, understand governed command, execute, regulate
concentrated consider, muse, ponder graduated complete, earn, finish
conceptualized conceive, imagine,invasion grasped accept, comprehend, understand
condensed abridge, compress, reduce greeted herald, receive, welcome
conducted compress, direct, oversee grew advance, evolve, increase
conferred consult, discuss, parley grouped arrange, class, order
configured arrange, assemble, group guaranteed affirm, pledge, verify
confirmed affirm, endorse,verify guided advise, govern, teach
confronted encounter, resist, withstand H
connected affix, equate, relate halted cease, curb, stop
conserved hoard, save, stash halved bisect, divide, split
considered contemplate, muse, ponder handled advise, operate, Supervise
consolidated amass, combine,join headed chair, manage, supervise
constructed build, create, make heightened enhance, increase, magnify
consulted ask, confer, discuss held confine, detain, retain
consummated achieve, complete, finish helped aid, assist, support
contacted approach, communicate, relate hired employ, engage, retain
continued extend,maintain, persevere honed instruct, teach, practice
contracted abate, confine, edit hosted accommodate, entertain, receive
contributed advance, assist, fortify hypnotized charm, entrance, mesmerize
controlled manage, oversee, supervise hypothesized consider, deem, judge
converted adjust, change, modify
conveyed bring, carry, transport
convinced assure, establish, persuade
cooperated aid, contribute,further
coordinated group, manage, organize
copied duplicate, transcribe, xerox
corrected alter, better, fix
corresponded accord, coincide, match
counseled advise, caution, warn
created author, design, make
critiqued assess, examine, rate
cultivated breed, develop, harvest
customized alter, convert, modify
cut bisect, curtail, prune

Resume Power Verbs I through R

I Synonyms P Synonyms
identified analyze, classify, select paced , ,
ignited enflame, kindle, start packaged , ,
illustrated clarify, depict, typify packed , ,
implemented complete, enable, start pared crop, prune, reduce
imported attend, conduct, usher participated aide, concur, share
improved develop, progress, revise partnered consort, corporate, help
improvised contrive, comprise, invent passed accomplish, complete, finish
incited induce, persuade, stimulate penetrated charge, insert, seep
included accommodate, add, introduce perceived behold, divine, observe
incorporated blend, combine, include perfected accomplish, complete, refine
increased advance, build, supplement performed achieve, effect, satisfy
indicated attest, make, reveal persuaded coach, enlist, urge
individualized brand, define, portray photographed depict, draw, portray
indoctrinated convince, instill, program piloted convey, guide, oversee
induced cause, incite, urge pinpointed define, place, spot
influenced alter, impel, shape pioneered begin, develop, start
informed caution, edify, teach placed allot, locate, station
infused animate, impart, pervade planned craft, devise, outline
initiated begin, start, trigger played divert, show, trifle
innovated admit, induct, unveil praised cheer, ennoble, extol
inspected audit, review, study predicted anticipate, conclude, foresee
inspired cause, elate, infuse prepared alter, change, revise
installed build, Establish, station prescribed appoint, command, require
instilled diffuse, impart, program presented cite, declare, state
instituted launch, organize, pioneer preserved conserve, defend, uphold
instructed appraise, drill, notify presided advise, chair, manage
insured cinch, hedge, warrant prevailed dominate, master, succeed
integrated arrange, blend, join prevented avoid, counter, restrict
intensified accent, enhance, rouse printed compose, issue, publish
interacted combine, join, merge prioritized assert, charge, repeat
interceded interpose, negotiate, reconcile processed alter, convert, refine
interpreted clarify, decipher, translate procured annex, induce, secure
intervened divide, involve, settle produced create, make, manufacture
interviewed consult, question, quiz profiled contour, form, shape
invented build, create, make programmed book, charter, reserve
inventoried add, compute, specify progressed advance, proceed, travel
invested endow, infuse, stake projected arrange, chart, feature
investigated check, examine, scout promoted advance, further, urge
invigorated enliven, rally, trigger proofread alter, emend, revise
invited allure, issue, summon proposed advance, contend, state
involved bind, commit, link protected assure, defend, guard
isolated detach, part, seclude proved affirm, attest, certify
issued emit, stem, vent provided arrange, cater, furnish
itemized cite, quote, record pruned clip, trim, reduce
J publicized bill, headline, spotlight
joined adhere, combine, interlace purchased attain, invest, procure
judged arbitrate, decree, determine pursued bait, follow, track
justified assert, condone, legitimize Q
L quadrupled
launched catapult, discharge, propel qualified certify, endow, sanction
learned attain, grasp, study quantified add, calculate, measure
lectured express, recite, teach queried doubt, inquire, examine
led convey, guide, usher questioned ask, challenge, probe
lessened abate, decrease, reduce quoted detail, name, recall
leveraged compel, influence, regulate R
licensed accredit, certify, permit raised  boost, elevate, lift
lifted elevate, raise, uphold rallied assemble, muster, organize
limited confine, restrict, lessen ranked arrange, class, rate
linked combine, group, relate rated classify, rank, value
liquidated cash, convert, honor reached attain, enter, show
listened attend, hear, observe read construe, skim, study
litigated contest, dispute, sue realigned
loaded heap, pack, pile realized catch, feature, image
located detect, find, uncover rearranged alter, draft, style
logged enter, note, record reasoned conclude, decide, solve
M rebuilt fix, mend, repair
made  create, invent, produce received acquire, derive, secure
maintained invent, support, sustain recognized note, observe, recall
managed direct, supervise, wield recommended advise, exhaust, urge
mandated agree, mandate, permit reconciled accepted, submit, yield
maneuvered devise, navigate, operate reconstructed fix, overhaul, reform
manipulated change, maneuver, plan recorded catalog, copy, transcribe
manufactured assemble, build, complete recovered balance, transcribe, restore
mapped chart, direct, plan recruited draft, enlist, gather
marked check, imprint, label rectified amend, correct, fix
marketed advertise, display, sell redesigned alter, change, improve
mastered comprehend, grasp, understand redirected alter, change, veer
maximized enlarge, escalate, increase reduced abate, curtail, decrease
measured assess, gauge, mete re-engineered update, create, remodel
mediated arbitrate, conciliate, determine referred cite, credit, name
memorized comprehend, fathom, understand refocused attract, converge, spotlight
mentored coach, counsel, guide registered enlist, join, record
merged blend, mix, unite regulated adjust, control, manage
merited mix, gain, rate rehabilitated adjust, change, improve
met contact, encounter, engage reinforced augment, bolster, stress
minimized curtail, decrease, diminish reiterated echo, recap, retell
mobilized impel, propel, ready related depict, express, state
modeled base, create, pattern released absolve, clear, vent
moderated abate, curb, modify relied await, commit, depend
modified adjust, convert, vary relieved ally, console, improve
molded build, frame, plot remained abide, delay, endure
monitored audit, control, observe remodeled adjust, alter, tailor
monopolized consume, engross, possess rendered cede, furnish, tender
motivated cause, quicken, sway renegotiated assess, postpone, remand
mounted begin, promote, start renewed brace, continue, extend
moved advance, relocate, proceed reorganized adapt, convert, vary
multiplied add, boot, raise repaired correct, patch, revive
N replaced convert, modify, transform
named classify, define, label replied answer, transform, return
narrated depict, portray, recite replicated clone, copy, imitate
navigated direct, operate, guide reported advise, cover, state
negotiated accommodate, haggle, mediate represented enact, factor, served
netted accumulate, earn, reap reproduced copy, echo, parallel
neutralized balance, negate, offset requested appeal, demand, entreat
nominated appoint, elect, present researched consult, explore, inquire
normalized class, control, even reserved contact, maintain, schedule
notified alert, inform, warn resolved agree, cinch, elect
nurtured care, develop, foster responded answer, counter, retort
O restored improve, mend, repair
observed detect, discover, mark restructured arrange, conform, shape
obtained acquire, collect, retain retained absorb, grasp, possess
offered extend, furnish, provide retooled deduce, overhaul, remake
officiated conduct, direct, manage retrieved recall, restore, salvage
offset balance, compensate, negate returned convey, refund, render
opened disclose, expand, vacated revamped convert, modify, reform
operated conduct, convey, promote reversed annul, convert
optimized culminate, expand, perfect reviewed examine, recap, rehash
orchestrated arrange, compose, organize revised compare, redo, revamp
ordered command, direct, instruct revitalized assist, enliven, refresh
organized arrange, construct, formulate revolutionized adapt, evolved, renovate
oriented adapt, conform, direct rewarded compensate, honor, pay
originated begin, commence, start risked brave, chance, confront
outdistanced outdo, outpace, pass rotated circle, move, pivot
outlined chart, describe, plot routed conduct, direct, pilot
outperformed beat, eclipse, surpass
overcame best, conquer, master
overhauled examine, fix, redo
oversaw captain, command, manage
owned have, occupy, possess

Resume Power Verbs S through Z


S Synonyms T Synonyms
safeguarded assure, cover, defend tabulated  cataloged, classified, ordered
salvaged deliver, reclaim, save tackled accepted, attacked, undertook
saved regain, rescue, retrieve talked spoke, conversed, articulated
scanned browse, check, skim tallied computed, summed, inventoried
scheduled appoint, engage, slate targeted aimed, focused, attempted
screened cloak, cover, shield tasted tried, savored, sampled
sculptured carve, fashion, hue taught educated, coached, explained
searched examine, probe, scour teamed affiliated, cooperated, coordinated
secured defend, guard, protect tempered abated, mitigated, softened
seized clasp, embrace, snag tended cared for, minded, oversaw
selected choose, cull, mark terminated aborted, discontinued, finished
sent advance, dispatched, remit tested evaluated, assessed, analyzed
separated cleave, detach, divide testified affirmed, corroborated, swore
sequenced assort, classify, group tied bound, fastened, united
served aid, deal, provide took acquired, accepted, seized
serviced correct, focused, mend topped surpassed, bested, outshined
set up arrange, begin, start totaled summed, calculated, figured
settled achieve, complete, end traced hunted, followed, chased
shaped configure, frame, profile tracked pursued, followed, shadowed
shared assign, dispense, ration trained prepared, coached, instructed
sharpened edge, hone, taper transcribed recorded, reproduced, rewrote
shipped direct, export, send transformed revolutionized, reformed, mutated
shortened abridge, compress, reduce transitioned developed, evolved, progressed
showed appear, disclose, unveil translated interpreted, deciphered, paraphrased
signed abandon, cede, yield transmitted broadcast, dispatched, conveyed
simplified clarify, decipher, explained traveled journeyed, ventured, explored
simulated ape, copy, imitate treated conducted, managed, served
sketched craft, draw, make trimmed clipped, cropped, truncated
slashed cut, incise, sever tripled increased, inflated, multiplied
smoothed clear, even, refine troubleshot serviced, repaired, corrected
solicited claim, demand, refer turned altered, modified, transformed
sold barter, contract, vend tutored taught, coached, trained
solidified compact, condense, set typed classified, categorized, transcribed
solved clarify, decide, settle U
sorted classify, grade, group uncovered bear, display, expose
sourced begin, create, start underlined accentuate, emphasize, feature
sparked excite, inspire, kindle underscored highlight, stress, underline
spearheaded attend, show, usher undertook commit, devote, endeavor
specialized practice, study, trained underwrote endorse, consent, finance
specified cite, decide, itemize unearthed delve, excavate, expose
speculated consider, suspect, theorize unified arrange, integrate, orchestrate
spent confer, deplete, waste united ally, commingle, unify
spoke allege, assert, state updated refresh, renew, restore
sponsored buoy, champion, promote upgraded boost, elevate, advance
spurred advance, aid, urge upheld aid, endorse, maintain
staffed employ, crew, retain urged compel, incite, recommend
standardized adjust, institute, order used consume, exercise, utilize
started begin, order, make utilized employ, handle, use
steered conduct, direct, guide V
stimulated elate, incite, prod validated certify, endorse, verify
streamlined focus, gather, organize valued laud, revere, treasure
strengthened brace, cheer, restore vaulted ascend, hurtle, surpass
stretched amplify, extend, widen verbalized express, state, utter
structured build, create, make verified certify, justify, validate
studied consider, ponder, watch viewed consider, deem, judge
submitted enter, give, refund visualized deem, foresee, suppose
succeeded accomplish, complete, finish voiced announce, declare, proclaim
suggested broach, commend, convey volunteered advance, offer, suggest
summarized abridge, convey, cut W
supervised administer, control, manage weathered  brave, endure, overcome
supplied cater, deliver, furnish weighed contemplate, consider, evaluate
supported buoy, aid, promote widened augment, broaden, expand
surpassed exceed, outrank, top withstood bear, brave, weather
surveyed access, case, inspect won achieve, conquer, prevail
swayed bend, incline, lean worked labor, manage, toil
swept accomplish, complete, won wove blend, incorporate, interlace
symbolized denote, embody, suggest wrote author, compose, create
synthesized arrange, blend, integrate Y
systemized array, design, frame yielded  accrue, earn, generate

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