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This area of our site provides a menu list of links to a variety of articles related to resume writing.  The articles are written by several of our contributing professional and certified resume writers and key partners.

These are not anonymous blog posts that many other career sites choose to publish. We only publish articles from career experts and professional writers.

The resume writing articles cover 3 main areas: general resume writing advice and tips to improve the effectiveness of your resume; resume structure techniques that describe how to put together the resume and utilization of different formats; and resume mistakes that discuss the most common issues people have with resume writing and how to avoid these critical errors.

Resume Writing Advice

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The categories listed above focus on specific topics such as resume writing advice and common mistakes. Our authors also publish articles on job search, job interviews, career planning and general career advice. You will find links to our other article categories on the right side navigation.

Our resources section also covers topics such as templates, types of resume formats, verb lists with synonyms and other helpful writing tools. You can find links to our resume reosurces on the right side menu.

We occasionally accept articles from guest authors from other top career blogs. If you are interested in guest posting on our blog, click the link at the bottom of our page that says “Partner with us.”

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