Safety Coordinator Resume Example

Here you find a resume example for a professional Safety Coordinator with 20 years of career experience. The document would be a good reference for most high level and management level safety or construction job positions.

The resume begins with a headline statement with a subheading that puts on a focus on incident response, reporting, investigating, leadership, training and projects. The executive style professional profile reiterates headline information.

The writer highlights communication, coordination and team building along with other skills such as knowledge of carpentry, masonry and Microsoft Office. The summary is finalized with a list of Core Competencies.

This resumes also emphasizes military service and important safety designations before getting into job experience. The writer could choose to put military experience at the bottom if the job seeker is not applying for military or federal jobs.

The experience section utilizes bold for company name and date and italics to separate the job title. A short summary of the responsibilities and scope of work is used under the title. The bullet points highlight a mix of specific projects and accomplishments.

The resume concludes with a list of professional development and training along with professional affiliates. This is utilized due to a lack of education section.

Safety Coordinator Resume Example

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Construction Safety Coordinator Resume Example

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Safety Coordinator Resume Statements

  • Ensure that safety operations are in compliance with OSHA standards.
  • Design and deployed safety program while managing the deployment of training for employees.
  • Oversee internal audits of safety procedures through random checks and impromptu departmental meetings.
  • Maintain all documents, worksheets and signs related to safety procedures, worker policies and OSHA compliance.
  • Investigate and report on any workers compensation case, employee injuries, equipment accidents and property damage.
  • Manage inspection of facility, equipment, devices, tools and employee attire.
  • Coordinate with safety committing to provide support while advising committed on current program status and future projects.
  • Coordinate with operational management and department supervisors to implement safety programs with seamless continuation of work flow.

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