Travel Agent Resume Example

Here we have an example of resume for professional with experience as Travel Agent and Reservationist. This document can be helpful for anyone that works at agencies, airlines or other transportation companies.

The resume highlights the job titles at the top then lists qualifications that include: travel consulting, reservations, corporate sales, travel computer systems, flight scheduling, ramp services, and airport security.
The summary also lists transferable skills such customer service, client relationship development and staff training.

The functional style professional experience section provides an overview of duties and responsibilities related to the travel agent position. The work history is then listed below as many of these responsibilities are similar in each job position.

The job seeker lists experience with travel systems. The training and education section below lists an Associates of Applied Science in Business Management.

Travel Agent Resume Example

Travel Agent Resume Example

Travel Agent Resume Statements

  • Evaluate, recommend and organize travel plans for families and businesses.
  • Highly skilled communicator that can build long lasting relationships.
  • Strong knowledge of travel software and computer reservation systems.
  • Capable of maintaining productivity in fast paced environment, juggling multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Expertise in customer service and sales with a proven track record of meeting or exceeding expectations.
  • Secure airline tickets, bus transportation, rental cars, boat cruises, private tours and hotel accommodations.
  • Work with hotel concierge services to ensure that customers get the most benefit from the hotel.
  • Research vacation packages so that customers get the most value.
  • Work quickly to resolve any issues with hotels, tours or travel arrangements.
  • Work diligently to fix any mistakes and solve problems for unhappy customers.

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