Veterinarian Resume Example

This Veterinarian Resume was created for a candidate that was relocating for personal reasons.

A brief resume objective statement was used to begin the resume. The professional resume writer debated including commentary on the client’s relocation being the reason that the job seeker is looking for employment. However, they decided that those discussions would be better served in a cover letter or face-to-face interview.

The Qualifications Summary was designed as a snapshot of key qualities possessed by the client that would benefit the employer. In this specific case, the client has demonstrated proficiency in Supervisory Roles, Surgical Procedures and Diagnosing Treatments. These are all characteristics that should interest potential employers.

The Professional Experience section came next to showcase specific accomplishments and responsibilities relevant to the field. For example, the client performs over 100 surgeries per year, a very high number compared to her peers. Also, they were able to cut 13% from the overall budget without sacrificing quality of service. In these tight budget times, that is critical.

Volunteer Experience was included because it gives the impression that a client is very passionate about helping animals. The resume finished with Education & Certifications, followed by Professional Memberships to show that the client works to remain involved in her field of employment.

Veterinarian Resume Example

Veterinarian Resume Example

Veterinarian Resume Experience Statements

  • Supervises interns and new veterinarians, providing them with vital training.
  • Advises animal owners on follow-up care and disease prevention methods.
  • Performs surgical procedures on over 100 animals per year, including a wide variety of species.
  • Cut company budget by 13% without sacrificing personnel or equipment.
  • Administers chiropractic procedures to resolve alignment issues.
  • Promotes community outreach programs that have provided free animal care to families in need.
  • Oversaw procedures such as dressing wounds, setting fractures and analyzing X-rays.
  • Immunized animals against many forms of diseases.
  • Delivered follow-up visits for patients with lingering conditions.
  • Conducted spay and neuter surgeries for adoptable animals.
  • Maintained accurate records, reports and paperwork for each patient in hospital.
  • Created treatment and recovery plans for patients.
  • Prepared necessary medication and samples for use throughout hospital.
  • Dealt with all customer concerns successfully and promptly.