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Thank You Letter Example

The cover letter is the most common business letter utilized in the job search process. However, you will also be wise to use a Thank You Letter  during the job search process.

Using the thank you letter after the job interview can be an effective way to gain more attention from the employer while enabling you to display a more professional approach to the job search.

The Thank You Letter is utilized after the interview. Writing a letter to the employer after the interview process is considered good business etiquette.  This  letter will enable you to reiterate key points from the interview. It will also reinforce to the hiring company that you are still interested in the job position.

Below you will find a sample of a job interview thank you letter. This document was written following a tour of a medical facility during the interview.

In this letter, the author is thanking the employer for a tour of the facility and expressing interest in further interviewing for the job position.

thank you letter example

Thank You Letter Example

You can see from the letter the writer has included an introductory paragraph that specifically thanks the interviewer for the tour of the facility. The body of the letter reiterates the interest in the position. The job seeker reiterates their 12 years of experience as a speech language pathologist. The writer highlights key areas of expertise that include OBRA, Medicare guidelines and managed care contracts.

The closing paragraph lets the reader know the resume is enclosed and then invites them to further contact this individual to set up a job interview.

Thank You Letter Writing Advice

There are three areas of focus when writing a thank you letter. First, you are expressing that you are still very interested in the job or interested in proceeding with the next interview. Secondly, you want to emphasize any key strengths that you talked about in your meeting. Lastly, you want to bring up any qualifications you forgot about as those can easily be the last item needed to seal the job.

Start with the heading.  If your resume and cover letter is written in Microsoft Word, then you can copy the heading to the thank you letter. Then make sure to address the letter to the person that interviewed you, even if they have a superior manager. If you were interviewed by a council, board or group, then address it to your point of contact.

The letter should be fairly simple and brief. Make sure to you mention your strongest points. Try to accentuate the experience that you feel the interviewer was asking about.

Think of the job in terms of the company having a problem and you are the potential solution. The company has a problem, they need to hire someone that can resolve that problem. If the hiring manager raised concerns about a business problem during the interview, then explain the letter how you can provide the solution. Often times in the interview, you don’t have the best answer to a question.  Then after the interview you realize you have a good answer.  You can often include this information in the document.

The salutation can be fairly short. Tell the interviewer it was a pleasure to meet them and you will call to follow up in a few days.

Following these simple steps should improve your thank you letter writing skill and help solidify to the employer your desire for the job.