Restaurant Management Resume Example

An extremely hardworking restaurant professional, this candidate’s resume speaks volumes to the commitment and dedication put forth in every role.

Promotions and responsibility mounted on top of a list of great achievements made this resume relatively easy to portray.

The most difficult aspect was to remove redundancy and retain the meaningful nature of the very large obstacles overcome by the candidate to achieve such great results in each role.

Important aspects of the resume were to display leadership in restaurant chain management and kitchen management.

The writer shows the amount of responsibility held by the candidate and portrays the candidate’s personality through their accomplishments in each position.

Restaurant Resume Example

Restaurant Resume Example

Restaurant Resume Statements

  • Built company on premise of gap in market for corporate fitness programs and in-the-home training opportunities.
  • Facilitated 25% increase in sales in the first year; holding third highest sales record in the company.
  • Achieved #1 sales for opening day company-wide at brand new location as manager.
  • Retained work group attrition through first year at new location; 90% through two years’ time.
  • Exceed budgeted goals by 20% after setting sales projections.
  • Discovered and hired 250 new employees over 5 year time-span.
  • Manage staff of 150 employees and the bar of a bustling location.
  • Supervise lower management and communicate helpful feedback to motivate growth and improvement.
  • Implement promotions and mentor managers on company standards and leadership tools.
  • Managed staff of 225 and oversaw all bar activity and operation.
  • Organized community involvement activities to promote brand and boost sales.
  • Generated an average liquor cost of 15% and maintained a labor cost that met company goals.
  • Managed Accounts Payable, payroll, scheduling and community involvement activities.
  • Identified worthwhile marketing strategies in the business’ local community.