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This page includes all of our cover letter examples for various job positions.  A cover letter is a letter of introduction to an employer, which is used to formally submit a resume for employer review. Use the samples below to generate ideas for writing your own career document.

This document also formally presents yourself as available for a job position or range of positions within a company.  The letter serves as a job search tool that works alongside your resume. It gives you an opportunity to quickly introduce yourself to the reader and grab their attention.

Like the resume, these letters provide the job seeker with another opportunity to market their skills and experience to the hiring manager.  This letter will encourage decision makers to read the resume and ultimately earn a job interview.

About the Cover Letter Examples

You’ll find on our examples pages that these letters can be written in various styles and formats. Choosing a style or format may depend on a number of factors and the general approach towards your application. For example, you may use a cover letter in different situations, such as:

  • Applying for a position in response to a job advertisement or online job posting.
  • Submitting based on a referral from a friend or colleague.
  • Sending your resume cold to employer that you know hires people in your field and industry.
  • Introducing your resume for an internal position.

Each of these documents will have a distinct introduction.   Pay attention to the introductory summary, experience and closing paragraphs.  You can mix concepts from a variety of these pages and build a document that works for you.

The cover letter examples are listed in alphabetical order by job title. Note that each one is written in its own style and structure. Some letters respond to job ads, and others are written directly for hiring managers. A few of the introduction summaries are cold.

You’ll also find benefit in browsing examples outside your profession for variety. These professionally written examples should help you write a more effective piece!

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How to Use Cover Letter Examples

Are you struggling to write a cover letter? You're not alone. Many job seekers find it difficult to craft a compelling cover letter that grabs the attention of potential employers.  The good thing is that you can make the process easier by using our cover letter examples as a guide.

As a critical part of the job search process, the cover letter is your first chance to gain interest from an employer. It also provides the employer a small sample of your writing skills. A well written letter will show the company that you communicate professionally.

Using cover letter examples

Don't simply copy and paste a cover letter example. This is not only lazy, but it's also likely to result in a generic cover letter that doesn't showcase your unique skills and experience. Instead, use the example as a starting point to generate ideas for content.  You can also use it to customize the cover letter for a specific job you're applying for.

Find the Hiring Manager

Do some research to find out the name of the person who will be reviewing your application, and address your letter to them directly. Often you have to call the main office, ask them who is hiring for the job.  Most people won't do this so you will stand out.

Look at job postings

Start by carefully reading the job description for the job you are applying for and write down the key descriptions, skills and qualifications required. Then, use the cover letter example to structure your own letter and highlight your relevant experience and achievements. Remember to keep your tone professional but friendly, and avoid using overly formal language.

Action Verbs & Achievements

Use action verbs to describe your accomplishments and show the employer what you can bring to the table. For example, instead of saying "I was responsible for managing a team," say "I successfully managed a team of X people, resulting in an X% increase in productivity." This approach shows that you're results-driven and can make a positive impact on the company.

Keep It Concise

Keep your letter to one page or less, and use short paragraphs and bullet points to make it easy to read.  People are busy and just don't read much so they are not going to read a novel.

Using Analogies

This is a bold tactic but can make your cover letter stand out.  You can use analogies or metaphors to make your points more memorable. For example, you could say "My ability to multitask is like a juggler with multiple balls in the air - I can keep everything moving smoothly without dropping the ball." This approach adds a personal touch to your cover letter and shows that you're creative and innovative.

Using Cover Letter Examples

Cover letter examples can be a great way to get started on writing your own cover letter. Just use them as a guide rather than a template. By tailoring your letter to the specific job you're applying for, using active verbs, rhetorical questions, and analogies, you can create a compelling cover letter that sets you apart from other candidates and gets you noticed by potential employers.

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