Vice President of Sales Resume Example & Writing Tips [2023]

This resume was written for a Vice President of Sales working at a well known bank in New York.  This follows a typical reverse chronological executive resume style, with an executive summary and achievements in bullet points in the experience section.



Alternate job titles: Sales Vice President, Director of Sales, Head of Sales, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

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Bachelors Degree

Vice President of Sales Resume Example Introduction

Executive Summary for Vice President of Sales Resume

Accomplished president with 15+ years’ experience in driving company sales, leading corporate development efforts, and overseeing operational and fiscal responsibilities to ensure optimal business performance. Accelerated record of processing financial transactions, installing digital systems, and delivering multiple branch projects within fast-paced environment. Proficient in exceeding customer expectations, designing effective training sessions, and accomplishing business sales targets. Adept at directing affluent bank accounts, managing portfolios, and performing employees’ evaluation while realizing enhanced corporate success. High-caliber individual with expertise in continuously assessing problem areas and offering recommendations to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Resume Statements & Sentences

Duties & Responsibilities

Orchestrate all bottom-line factors, including company vision, long-range strategic planning, global product management, and software development processes. Direct all operations for installation and service provision for infrastructure systems: LAN, WAN, fiber optics, voice and data networks. Redefine organizational structure, oversee major pricing decisions, and perform monthly financial evaluation of company results. Provide cross-functional management; direct three Vice Presidents, COO, CFO, and 8 District Managers; and general oversight of 500 employees.

Directed regional and international marketing organization, including national managers, regional managers, and product managers. Spearheaded vision, strategy, and execution of global business operations. Oversee staffing, strategic directives, and training of national marketing teams. Developed and implemented marketing plans, established marketing and sales objectives, and prepared company-wide sales forecasts. Managed international project teams through due-diligence, prioritization, and development.

Collaborated in development of new keyboard technology. Recruited, trained, mentored, and developed new keyboard management team. Negotiated major OEM keyboard contracts.


  • Created a more responsive and market-driven organization resulting in increased sales from $22 million to $40 million in only three years.
  • Substantially improved productivity while reducing operational costs by 28%.
  • Opened 15 new marketing channels and established strategic alliances in Asia and Europe.
  • Developed, introduced, and launched successful new products for international markets.
  • Effectively led international project teams to proven results across lines of businesses, geographic borders, time zones, and cultures.
  • Triggered 36% increase in annual company revenue.
  • Played integral role in establishing company presence and operations within European markets.
  • Achieved extraordinary market share and revenue results leading directly to joint ventures.
  • Increased revenue from zero to $13 million in 5 years by expanding market share and establishing alliance initiatives.
  • Successfully identified and resolved problems resulting in 12% cost reduction.
  • Returned company to high profitability through efficient restructuring.
  • Earned Top-Performance Achievement Award.

Areas of Expertise

Vice President of Sales Job Skills

  • Business Development & Growth
  • Executive Administrative Support
  • Portfolio Management & Development
  • System Installations & Processing
  • Staff Performance Assessments
  • Client Acquisition & Retention
  • Process & Performance Improvement
  • Team Development & Leadership
  • Time Management