Loan Officer

Below you will find a resume example for a Loan Officer with job experience in banking and lending industry.

The resume begins with a career objective that identifies the job seeker’s 6 years of experience processing loan agreements. The writer states that the candidate is seeking a position of Senior Loan Officer.

The introduction is backed up by details in the professional experience section. This area is written in reverse chronological order from most recent to oldest job position. Company names, locations, job titles and dates are listed. Bullet point statements focus on responsibilities as a loan officer.

The education section lists the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. Additional skills document their knowledge of banking, financial and office software.

Loan Officer Resume Example

Loan Officer Resume Example

Loan Officer Resume Example Statements

  • Oversee entire mortgage process including application, origination, underwriting and closing.
  • Interview prospective loan applicants to determine up front eligibility and screen for approval.
  • Ensure loan applicaant provides required information and supporting documentation.
  • Review loan applications and documents for accuracy and completeness.
  • Negotiate terms of residential and commercial mortgage loans.
  • Manage applicants expectations related to processing times, interest rates and closing dates
  • Set up meetings with local home sellers, real estate professionals, lawyers and contractors to find prospective and referral loans.
  • Hold small conferences and meetings to explain the variety of financial products and services available.
  • Work with management to desing plans to achieve sales goals, loan quotas and conference referrals.
  • Maintain compliance with federal lending regulations and bank underwriting policies.

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