Independent Contractor Resume Example


This independent contractor resume example is for a job candidate that displays their many skills and qualifications to work for a new company or construction union.

The job seeker is looking for a position where they could have steady work that is not on a project-by-project basis.

This is a lateral move skill-wise and a promotion financially for the candidate to contribute their decade of experience to a labor crew that needs a well-rounded, hands on worker.

This resume also demonstrates the physical skills and personality necessary to yield success.

Independent Contractor Resume Example construction

Independent Contractor Resume Example

Independent Contractor Resume Statements

  • A skilled laborer with experience across multiple aspects of construction including renovations, rebuilds and custom woodworking.
  • A multi-faceted, independent worker, encouraging safety on every job site, adherence to plans and a cohesive team effort.
  • Skilled with power tools, saws, drills, heavy machinery and more.
  • Contributed various tasks to overall residential renovations and additions.
  • Oversaw work on pavement, decking, concrete pouring and tiling.
  • Followed blueprints to determine proper construction, scheduling and scope of remodel.
  • Completed installation of roofing, electric kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures and HVAC integration.
  • Completed inspection of all construction upon completion to ensure safety standards and protocol was met.
  • Designed, sourced materials,and crafted handmade custom furniture pieces for clients.
  • Repaired existing wooden structures including cabinetry, vanities, moldings and mantles.
  • Utilized miter saws, table saws, circular saws,and electrical drills to complete fine woodworking projects with precision and efficiency.

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