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Below you will find a resume for an Elementary School Teacher and Substitute Teacher. The document can be used as a reference for most grade school level teaching positions.

This resume uses a job title headline to ensure the reader understands the job seeker’s qualifications. The headline is followed by a brief paragraph that outlines their 11 years of teaching experience and classroom instruction at all grade levels.

The summary portion then uses bullet points to underscore their strengths in student learning, parental involvement, cultural diversity, special needs and technology integrations. An areas of expertise section provides a quick reference to a variety of skills such as guided reading, classroom management, MAP testing and several other areas.

Formal credentials document the Teaching Certification nd Master of Arts in Teaching. The career experience section lists various job positions such as a Preschool Teacher and Substitute Teacher. At each position the candidate describes their role, key responsibilities and accomplishments.

The education section provides more details about their Master’s degree and also documents the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

Substitute Teacher Resume Example

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Substitute School Teacher Resume Example

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Substitute Teacher Resume Statements

  • Follow classroom lesson plan and teacher instructions in accordance with school guidelines.
  • Present organized learning materials for students in accordance with approved curriculum.
  • Maintain daily records including attendance, test/quiz grades, and homework completion.
  • Maintain orderly classroom with an environment that is ideal for teaching and learning.
  • Encourage development of students in thoughtful, caring and professional manner.
  • Assist other teachers with enforcing school rules, participating as study supervisor and hall monitor.
  • Ensure safety students, facility and equipment in classroom.
  • Provide individual tutoring on daily lesson plans for students having difficulty learning material.

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