Fleet Manager Resume Example & Writing Tips [2023]

This resume was created for a Fleet Manager and Events Professional that has experience in a variety of operations development areas. The candidate held numerous positions in a fairly short timeframe and was concerned about raising red flags. This concern was addressed by starting the resume with an introductory paragraph and Core Competencies section to highlight the client’s strengths and attractive qualities to prospective employers. For the body of her professional experience, job titles were written in capital letters and bold font to put the focus on that instead of dates of employment. This should help protect against the employers’ first impressions being of a job-hopper. Additionally, the critical accomplishments were written in bold font to stand out more within their experience.  The earliest three jobs were simply listed in an Early Career Summary section to maximize space and impact. The resume concluded with Education and Technology Proficiencies sections.



Alternate job titles: Transportation Manager, Fleet Development Manager, Operations Manager

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Mid Level

No College Degree

Fleet Manager Resume Example Introduction

Short Summary for Fleet Manager Resume

Highly effective Fleet Manager with almost 10 years of experience specializing in event management, logistics coordination and customer support. Offering an array of skills in verbal and written communication, efficient scheduling, ordering, budgeting, establishing stakeholder rapport, maximizing B2B sales, collaboration, new business growth, troubleshooting, hiring and training future leaders, computer savvy and innovative thinking. Proven ability to aggregate information to identify trends and improve processes. Track record of success exceeding targets and deadlines while multi-tasking in dynamic environments.

Resume Statements & Sentences

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provided general and specialized operational support for 90+ employees, visitors and vendors.
  • Managed 300+ member accounts as well as fleet vehicle health and retention.
  • Hired as first operation team member during pre-launch, scaled team to 10 members within four months and provided oversight.
  • Managed load-in, setup, activation and load-out of vendors and equipment.


  • Coordinated weekly on-site and off-site company events and retreats.
  • Managed live-operational app training and issue resolution.
  • Created and managed new customer support
  • Streamlined Accounts Payable processes for contractors and factoring companies.
  • Funneled conversion of potential customers to lease-holding drivers and established numerous key vendor relationships.
  • Oversaw 650+ active driver accounts regarding DMV registration, accidents, losses, repossession, settlements and returns.
  • Orchestrated supply of payment and paperwork for vehicle assignment, leasing, DMV activation and dealership pickup.
  • Supported Customer Service Team in handling sales phone calls, member e-mails and in-person appointments.
  • Promoted three times in nine months for excellent performance after creating systems and proving success.
  • Built and implemented trainer expansion and onboarding process.
  • Directed team of 60+ remote trainers as well as hired and trained operation team members.
  • Drafted City Expansion Plan (processes, timeline, contingency plans, contracts and budget).
  • Aggregated data on member attendance to create monthly ‘class’ schedules.
  • Optimized event logistics for multiple local and regional community marketing events.
  • Accounted for supply order fulfillment, relationship management, inventory, organizing retreats and customer service.
  • Controlled budget, supply acquisition and event logistics for various marketing events.
  • Supervised, trained and managed staff during promotional concerts, festivals and B2B conferences.

Areas of Expertise

Fleet Manager Job Skills

Vendor Management • Startups • Team Player • Solutions-Oriented • Customer Satisfaction • Analytical Thinking • Leadership

Program Management • Travel Coordination • Logistics • Performance Monitoring • Staff Mentoring • Creative Problem Solving