Registered Nurse Resume Example

Below you will find a document that serves as a Registered Nurse Resume Example РSample with job experience as Staff Nurse and Nurse Manager looking for position in Pharmaceutical Sales. This is a great career change resume reference for the healthcare field.

This career change resume uses an objective to clearly identify 10 years of experience as a Registered Nurse seeking a Pharmaceutical Sales position.

In this registered nurse resume example, the job seeker emphasizes transferable skills such as knowledge of medical equipment, health care training and communications skills. Furthermore, the profile highlights the aptitude for developing new skills, multitasking and remaining dedicated to the position.

The job experience outlines their role and responsibility as a nurse. In the most recent position they focus on the ability to supervise a shift and handle many patients while coordinating services, treatments and consultations.

The next position mentions the participation in Quality Assurance while conducting training, development, coaching and mentoring. These skills demonstrate an ability to interact with individuals, which would be critical in a new sales position. Notice how the descriptions don’t describe much about specific nurse techniques or medical practices.

The education section of the registered nurse resume example provides a formal place to document the B. S. in Nursing from Boston College. Certifications, Affiliations and Computer Skills are listed below.

 Nurse Resume Example - Sample - RN Resume

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 Registered Nurse Resume Example - Sample

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Statements for Registered Nurse Resume Example

  • Visit and evaluate patients to determine care requirements and forge positive relationships.
  • Diagnose patient condition and help develop an individualized plan of treatment.
    Provide adaptive nursing care based on each specific case.
  • Ensure patients and families are physically and emotionally comfortable during prolonged hospitalization.
  • Help patients understand physical condition, mental healthy, ailments, diseases, therapies and medications.
  • Organize charts and document condition, vital signs, therapy progress and medication.
  • Quickly react to changes in condition or response to treatment. Collaborate with doctors to recommend modifications.
  • Comply with processes and procedures to maintain safe, clean, controlled and compliant work environment.
  • Continuously analyze patient condition to ensure progress and adherence to health care standards and regulations.