Technology Cover Letter Example

The technology cover letter example below is written for an Information Technology Project Manager.

It would be a suitable cover letter for most positions related to computer programming, networking, software development and general IT.

The cover letter starts out with an introductory paragraph. The first statement implies that this is a cold cover letter, where the job seeker is not directly applying to a posted job position, but submitting it to a company that may be looking for a Project Manager. The introduction is simple and states that the job seeker is a Project Manager. This writer formally introduces the accompanied resume. The next 2 paragraphs (the body of the cover letter) outline duties and responsibilities.

The job seeker also documents achievements. For example, the writer not only explains the experience in full life cycle project management, but also explains how this has saved millions of dollars. Saving money should peak the interest of a prospective employer. We’ve yet to find a company that is not interested in generating or saving money.

The last paragraph in this cover letter example is the formal closure where the writer is closing the letter and inviting the employer to schedule an interview.

Technology Cover Letter Example

Technology Cover Letter Example

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Technology Cover Letter Writing

For a technology professional, the cover letter needs to clarify their expertise. For example, a network engineer might work on small servers running proprietary software or large scale business systems using global  applications. In this cover letter the job seeker has identified responsibilities from past experience and specific knowledge of their field. As you cam see.  the writer has also included information about the specific technologies with which they possess their expertise (CRM, ERP, JDE, Siebel).

The second step in a good technical cover letter is to at least pull your best 2-3 achievements from your career as an example of your past success. This could be a large implementation, a decision to use specific software/hardware, an upgrade, migration or integration of systems and applications. The key to making this document compelling is to explain the basic action and how the result helped the company without getting too wordy. You will provide more details in the resume and the specifics in the job interview.