MBA Cover Letter Example

Cover letter example for MBA with job experience as Information Technology Product Manager. The document is a reference for most IT positions.

This cover letter is written specifically for Production Manager position. You can see the position listed in the regarding area of the letter. The letter is also addressed to the hiring manager.

The introduction of the cover letter explains how the job seeker has experience in a large social media company building a proprietary technology platform. The writer highlights qualifications such as project management, experience at a similar company and authoring of white papers during the MBA program.

In the bullet point accomplishments, the job seeker highlights their work at Twitter, attaining implementation goals. They also had experience at Facebook creating key reports. This is an example of trying to benefit from experience at recognizable companies.

The candidate closes the cover letter by requesting a discussions and thanking the employer for consideration.

MBA Cover Letter Example

MBA Cover Letter Example

MBA Cover Letter Writing

The graduate with a recent MBA will obviously want to include that information in the first paragraph of the cover letter. It is a big accomplishment and needs to be the forefront of the document just in case the reader decides to skip through quickly.

Otherwise, the rest of the cover letter will depend on your specialty. Professionals with an MBA may end up working in corporate business departments or consulting. Others work with brokers, investment banks or securities exchanges. There are some MBA’s that end up working as economists. So make sure you focus on your job target and try to include past success either in your work experience, internships or MBA program.

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