Firefighter Cover Letter Example

Below you will see a cover letter for Military Government transition from department of defense. The cover letter is ideal for Fire Fighter, Fireman or Fire Officer or any job position related to Emergency Medical Technician in the local public sector.

This cover letter cleverly starts out by explaining to the reader the high standards the job seeker would expect as a member of this Fire Services organization. It then follows up with argument why this individual would fit the requirements of the job position.

The cover letter also produces 4 bullet point statements that represent traits that the organization would likely be looking for in an individual for this type of position. The cover letter avoids going into details about job specific experience and focuses more on the intangibles and core values of the job seeker.

This is an excellent strategy for this type of job position with firm standard requirements. The thing that will separate the job seeker from other candidates are intangibles of character and value.

Firefighter Cover Letter Example

Firefighter Cover Letter Example

Firefighter Cover Letter Writing

This is job position that transfers perfectly from military to civilian jobs since firefighters are still government organizations at the municipal level. The key to getting these jobs is overall experience, ability to perform every firefighter task and possession of the necessary licenses / certification.

Once you have the basics completed and identified in the cover letter, you are probably going to be competing with other firefighters that have the same training and certification. You can stand out by emphasizing your achievements. If you took actions that went above and beyond the call of duty, you must list them in the cover letter. There may have been other actions such as improving processes, changing truck course to save time, or even finding new equipment that reduced costs. Sometimes firefighters earn awards, so make sure you don’t forget to mention any of those you might have received.