Retail Sales Cover Letter Example

Below we have a cover letter for a Retail Sales Manager with experience working for a premier electronics store. Anyone working in large or small retail stores will get some value from reviewing this document sample.

This a good cold cover letter that can be sent to many retail shops even if they don’t have any job postings. In this format, the cover letter isn’t responding to posted jobs online or classifieds.

The job seeker includes experience with retail sales, procedural development, inventory, cash receipts, customer service as well as hiring, training and supervision of employees.

The bullet points identify scope of work in terms of dealing with $15 million in annual sales. The writer also underscores their success by increasing store sales by 20%. Any time you can put your achievements into a percentages or dollars gained/saved it will help the cover letter stand out.

Retail Sales Cover Letter Example

Retail Sales Cover Letter Example

Retail Sales Cover Letter Writing

One of the most difficult aspects of a retail sales manager is finding, supervising and scheduling good employees. For that reason, retail sales is one of the most effective industries for sending cold cover letters. Most stores are looking for good employees so don’t wait for a job posting before you send out a resume and cover letter.

As a manager, you will realize that stores like to hire lower paid young adults and teens to work the register and help the customers. So having a knack for finding, recruiting, mentoring and training good employees is certainly something that should be accentuated on the cover letter.

Good employees lead to productivity and eventually allow the retail sales manager to employ tactics and strategies to improve store sales. This is even more important for smaller stores that don’t have branding or pricing power. The manager has to time sales events correctly and still maintain profitability. If you have had success improving sales, then you need to include this information on the cover letter. Bullet points work very well or you can include this information in the 2nd or 3rd paragraph after the introductory statement.

Retail Sales Cover Letter Example By Resume Companion