Software Product Manager Resume Example & Writing Tips [2023]

This resume was created for a client with an extensive history as a product manager. To help promote the diverse expertise, an introductory paragraph and summary of qualifications worked to highlight his most impactful contributions to a prospective employer. Throughout his employment history, the most critical accomplishments were written in bold font so that they stand out to the reader. The job seeker was also the designer and owner of several software products. Since most clients will not have the project and product ownership experience of this client, a separate section was created to list these projects and products.



Alternate job titles: Product Owner, Software Architect, Product Programmer, Software Engineer

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Information Technology


Bachelors Degree

Software Product Manager Resume Example Introduction

Executive Summary for Software Product Manager Resume

Highly effective product manager and product owner with over 13 years of experience specializing in software development, team management and delivering complex implementations for web-based solutions and portals. Offering an array of skills in field service management, accounting (AP/AR), financial analysis and planning, time keeping, HR, HCM, contract and meeting management, CRM, inventory control, asset management, document and business processes management (ECM), web sites and portals. Demonstrated thorough understanding of integration, web application and data technical domains.

Proven ability to utilize proficiencies in stakeholder communication, team collaboration and critical thinking aptitude to skillfully manage product lifecycle and roadmap execution. Verified experience directing product development process from inception to launch. Quantitative and qualitative analytical ability allows for effective leadership in the ideation, evaluation, definition and prioritization of business needs. Track record of success ensuring releases are delivered on time and under budget while consistently satisfying user needs.

Resume Statements & Sentences

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Primary goal is to design, create and implement systems that covers all primary processes, including Field Service Management, Crew Dispatch Scheduling, Time Keeping, Employee Certifications, Inventory Control, Asset Management, Financial Analysis and Project Planning/Budgeting.
  • Helped develop Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market in North America by wearing multiple hats and managing several onsite and remote teams.
  • Focused on creating and tuning new ECM system called Conterra. Placed in charge of design and development for several custom business solutions.
  • Managed department that included 12 subordinates.


  • Generated at least 30% improvement based on KPIs after implementations.
  • Implemented enhanced Field Service Management (FSM) as a core system and strategic asset for company survival and growth in 2016-2017.
  • Open new business opportunities by using FSM to gain a competitive edge.
  • Developed and implemented five major solutions that optimized production.
  • Direct several remote developer teams (.NET, Web, Android).
  • Managed $18M per year in invoices per client using Account Payable (AP) automation solution with OCR with three successful implementations.
  • Built two major versions of robust AP and Expense Report management system, Conterra FIM, from scratch through to implementation.
  • Presented more than five new business solutions, including Contract Generation, Lifecycle and Obligation management as well as HCM and Business Continuation Management.
  • Established internal CRM module to support company sales process (sales funnel, sales bonus point policy, KPIs, reports, campaigns management and more).
  • Executed HR module that includes certification management, course and training.
  • Provided team management, annual employee reviews and employee incidents management as well as worked with applicants to resolve all issues and maintain satisfaction.
  • Delivered full scope of case management responsibilities, including evidence management and project administration management.
  • Worked with outsourcing companies to streamline operations and exceed targets.
  • Produced targeted annual, half-annual and monthly planning.
  • Invented and implemented new strategy for my department with set of KPIs, policies and procedures.
  • Oversaw successful completion of two critical projects as Project Manager.
  • Utilized previous project experience and feedback to significantly improve corporate project management and bonus procedures.
  • Played key role in the department developing more than 20 web sites, business solutions and software products.

Areas of Expertise

Software Product Manager Job Skills

  • Enterprise Software
  • Business Analysis
  • Managing Remote Teams
  • Product Strategy Execution
  • Strategic Business Priorities
  • Cross-Functional Leadership
  • Large Software Project Management
  • Identifying Growth Opportunities
  • Agile Scrum & Lean Expertise
  • Targeted Resource Allocation
  • Technical & Analytical Savvy
  • Internet & Technologies Expertise
  • Solution Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Staff Training & Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Performance Assessment
  • Market Research Analysis