Business Cover Letter Example

This is a business cover letter example for professional with previous job experience as a business manager. This can be used as a template for most business, finance, marketing or management positions.

The document is written as a cold cover letter that is meant to be addressed to a hiring manager. So this format is ideal for sending to a company you think may have open positions but hasn’t posted anything publicly.

The cover letter opens by explaining that the candidate is a business manager with emphasis on process re-engineering and change management.

The writer goes on to describe accomplishments in past positions such as reducing overtime costs and recruiting expenses. The job seeker lets the reader know that this achievement was only a part of their past success and explains how the resume provides more details on their background. The cover letter closes by inviting an opportunity to meet with the employer.

Business Cover Letter Example

Business Cover Letter Example

Business Cover Letter Writing

The business professional can include a fairly broad group, so make sure you that cold cover letters have a job target. Otherwise, do not forget to include the name of the job posting in the first line of the first paragraph.

Individuals in the business professional are generally in a position with an overall goal to make the business more profitable. Create statements that show improvements in productivity or performance. Make sure to highlight any cost savings, expense reductions or even time saved to complete projects / tasks. The business professional has to prove that they can have a positive impact on the bottom line. That is what employers are looking for and if you have done this in the past, you are more likely to do it in the future.

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