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Adjunct Professor Resume Example History

Below is a sample of a resume for an Adjunct Professor in History.  As a passionate professor, this candidate is looking to work in additional universities part time teaching history and politics.

With a special attention to creating a lively discussion-based learning environment and contributing to society, this professor imparts both knowledge and a practical worldview to his students.

This candidate contributes both world experience in politics, an interest in volunteering and a great education to the learning experience of those he leads.

Adjunct Professor Resume Example History

Adjunct Professor Resume Example

Adjunct Professor Resume Statements

  • Prepared curriculums for Introduction to American History and Government.
  • Created curriculum for Introduction to Economics of America in the New Millennium and American Literature.
  • Designed courses to advance student’s understanding of democracy in America as it pertains to the international landscape and cooperation between nations.
  • Designed courses which gave a comprehensive basic understanding of history and its impact on our current government, policies and social awareness.
  • Conducted analysis of past elections and voter turnout to build campaign to enlist new voters.
  • Prepared tables and charts to support the data of voting in America across multiple elections.
  • Created literature to reach the non-voting audience and motivate change.

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