Court Clerk Resume Example

This is a resume example for a professional with job experience as a Court Clerk. This example can serve as a good reference for any court worker or administrator.

In this particular resume, the job seeker as been a Court Clerk their entire career. Therefore the job target, the career experience being almost identical, there was no objective or headline created. Furthermore, the most recent position tends to give the reader the information needed to understand the candidate’s skills.

The job experience section lists a variety of skills such as docket preparation, probation documentation and summons preparation. The job seeker also works with dispositions and court room recordings.

The education section documents the Bachelor of Art in Political Science. The additional section lists a Certification in Court Documentation. The candidate also lists their knowledge of laws, procedures and jurisdictions.

Court Clerk Resume Example

Court Clerk Resume Example

Court Clerk Resume Statements

  • Provide assistance with the management of the judicial office of the 16th District Court including judge’s office and court proceedings.
  • Strong understanding of legal research with proven ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and rapidly resolve complex legal issues.
  • Maintain judge’s schedule, manage administrative staff and respond to inquiries from the public regarding court policies and procedures.
  • Research legal cases and prepare documentation such as legal reports, memoranda, court orders and judgments.
  • Gather and maintain records for court proceedings to be made available at judge’s request.
  • Assist with courtroom duties, administering oaths, handling motions and swearing in jury panels.
  • Help administrative staff with jury management and ensuring court meets special needs of jury members.
  • File court documentation, records and recordings at country clerk’s office.

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