Procurement Manager Resume Example

The resume for a Procurement Manager begins with a summary of Erick’s applicable experience.

The next section titled “Areas of Excellence” features terms that emphasize his specific strong suits.

Keywords such as vendor/supplier management and supply chain management assisting with brand marketing and recruiting searches.

His professional experience is featured next starting with his current role as a General Operations Manager.  Each position description contains a summary of their duties followed by a bullet point list of achievements.

The final section includes his “Technical Skills & Certificates”.  This features any relevant programs he is experience in or certifications that he has completed.

Procurement Manager Resume Example

Procurement Manager Resume Example – Page 1

Procurement Manager Resume

Procurement Manager Resume Example – Page 2

Procurement Manager Summary

  • Supply Chain professional combining cross-functional competencies in procurement, vendor management, quality, and project management.
  • Expertise in project and procedure implementation, continuous improvement, and change management to positively impact organizational goals.
  • Proficient in identifying challenging areas and achieving corrective measures.
  • Recognized by executive management as a dependable leader, with the ability to contribute as a team player, coach and develop colleagues, and interface with professionals on all levels.

Procurement Manager Experience Statements

  • Lead daily operations of facility and manage operations and warehouse managers.
  • Conduct site visits with customers to determine proper equipment for customer requirements.
  • Maintain inventory quality, complete repairs, review invoices, and layout with customers for proper installation.
  • Establish morning start-up best practice meetings.
  • Develop procedures for and set-up 5K gallon tent washer to hang and dry tents increasing revenue for company.
  • Convert product storage into cubed rack system resulting in continuous improvement of better flow of material.
  • Coordinate training to fulfill company safety guidelines and establish processes for equipment maintenance.
  • Supervised supply chain analyst and UAW employees as primary point-of-contact for customer.
  • Collaborated with plant engineers and vendors to classify equipment inventory for stock levels utilizing 5S’s theory.
  • Reviewed, confirmed, and processed incoming orders, part specifications, requisition orders, backorders, expedited, and stock out orders.
  • Received Ford Technical Model Excellence Award for reciprocally developed 1295 Gatekeeper Program.
  • Created processes, systems, and work instructions to maintain inventory and supply chain levels.