EMT Paramedic Resume Example

The job candidate had just completed a paramedic program and was looking for part-time work in the field to complement another position they currently held in the health field.

A well-rounded job seeker with many years of experience in a specific role, the goal was to appeal to ambulance companies and other paramedic roles by highlighting all relevant patient care information.

The resume was formatted simply and without fuss so to pass through resume scanners easily and without issue. Because the candidate was applying for a somewhat specialty role where there may not be as many applicants or jobs available, the Professional Experience section uses more detail to communicate qualifications and personality in a more personal way.

The Profile section delineates the candidate’s goals and main attributes as a worker. The Certifications & Education section very clearly states the qualifications the candidate has given by the state.

And lastly, the Expertise section was used to highlight the most important skills needed by a paramedic for the candidate to be considered for an available position. This candidate was offered a position from this resume immediately after completing it.

EMT Paramedic Resume Example

EMT Paramedic Resume Example

EMT Paramedic Resume Statements

  • Provided timely patient service, life support, and ambulatory care to extremely ill and injured patients.
  • Employed basic and advanced abilities and techniques for various medical emergencies.
  • Consistently instituted best practices and appropriate emergency therapy needed to save lives.
  • Placed intra-vascular and intra-osseous lines; esophageal obturator airways, endotracheal intubations, and defibrillations.
  • Monitored the cardiac conditions of patients and provided EKG readings.
  • Responded to dispatch emergency assignments safely.
  • Rapidly performed basic and advanced patient assessments to determine patient/victim condition and take immediate medical action.
  • Administered infusions, medications, and intubation.
  • Facilitated a team environment within dispatch center and always demonstrated high standards of performance and communication.