Nursing Resume Template

The nursing resume template is for a professional with experience as Nursing Assistant and Health Care Specialist

Nursing Resume Template

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Nursing Resume Template

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Nursing Resume Template Text


Hardworking Health professional passionate about improving individual and community health through education and public awareness. Good teacher and relationship builder with excellent communication skills. Ready to offer 13-years of related experience to a fast-paced position with a growing organization.


  • Nutrition Education
  • Program Development
  • Presentation Skills
  • Community Outreach
  • Prevention Strategies
  • Solution-Based Interventions


Nursing Assistant
Community Health Center – Maintown, VT, 07/2016 – Current

  • Assess patients and document medical histories and investigate and report problems relating to patient care or condition that might hinder patient well-being.
  • Communicating with patient/resident, utilizing de-escalation skills, inspecting living area daily ensuring safety issues are expeditiously resolved.
  • Document actions, observations, and education provided by completing forms, reports, and records in CPRS NA care.


Associate of Science in Public Health

Bachelor of Science in Community Health