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Anyone in teaching from pre-school even up through college post graduates can benefit from using the teacher resume samples on this page. Each one has a unique style and format.

In most occasions any teacher from K-12 will use a one page resume, but a two page resume is acceptable. It is almost never necessary to go into tremendous detail.

Of course, the area to highlight will generally be your specialization. If you are a kindergarten teacher this should be emphasized. If you are a high school teacher, then accentuate that experience.

The biggest mistake teachers make is being vague on their resume. Even if you are qualified to teach every grade in school, it’s still ideal to target a grade level or range of grade levels. The secondary area of emphasis should be a field of study such as mathematics, history, science or special education.

Teaching professionals can use a combination of block summary or bulleted summary. Objective statements are fine to use, but summaries and headline statements will be more effective.

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Teacher Resume Tips and Advice

Sometimes there are shortages of teachers and getting a teaching job isn’t difficult. In this case, many teachers will write very basic resumes with almost no content. But if you really want the best teaching job and potentially a higher salary then you need to prove to the school that you are good at what you do. Moreover, you need to establish that teaching is something you love. Most resume writing professionals that specialize in teacher resumes will tell you that the resume needs to convey a sense of passion.

The other part of writing a good teacher resume is to emphasize achievements. Teachers aren’t saving millions and streamlining departments like executives, so many teachers find it difficult write about their achievements. You need to consider what actions you’ve taken that produced a positive result. Changing curriculum to make it easier for a student to learn. Maybe you implemented a new software program on the class computer. Did you try any innovative educational techniques that worked? Did your class get good test scores? Even small actions that had minor positive results can be worth mentioning in the resume.

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