School Librarian Resume Example

Here you will find an example of a resume for a professional with experience as School Librarian at the High School Level. This is an excellent resource for Library or internal position in any educational institution.

The document uses a job title heading in bold capital letters to identify the job target as a School Librarian and Media Specialist. The executive style summary is then utilized to provide statements about their career such as having 5 years of experience in reference, support and student service with a prove record of managing library resources.

In order to get a quick glimpse of the job seekers qualifications, they utilize an Areas of Expertise section. You can see how this allows the reader to quickly identify that they are qualified in areas such as library management, reference tools, reference management and presentation tools.

Education and credentials comes next as it’s is important for employer to understand this individual has a Master of Library Science and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Furthermore, the job seeker can document their School Library Media Specialist Certification.

The professional experience section then lists their job experience using the school name, location and dates employed along with their official job title. The paragraph features statements that identify their scope of work at each position. The bullet points spotlight specific programs, initiatives, research and achievements that demonstrate how this individual has been successful in past positions.

The professional affiliations section allow the reader to understand they are active in associations and councils. The technology integration identifies knowledge of key software applications.

School Librarian Resume Example

School Librarian Resume Example

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School Librarian Resume Statements

  • Design and manage a functional, flexible library room with age appropriate materials.
  • Create school library program that provides broad access to library resources for both students and faculty.
  • Develop library mission, goals and objectives including strategic growth plans for long term development.
  • Manage school library budget and lead efforts to advocate for funding
  • Order books and reading materials that align with classroom assignments.
  • Ensure that library contains material that meets the needs of ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • Coordinate with teachers and staff to develop library into integrated learning environment.
  • Select, acquire and organize information utilizing standard bibliographical techniques.

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